Thursday, June 15, 2017

Valley Forge

Four nights in Pennsylvania and we were on the road again!
 My sweet girls wrote thank you notes to the ladies that cleaned our room each day....such a treasure to know their hearts are thankful!
 The weather could not have been more perfect for a stroll through Valley Forge....
 the beauty and the history that fills this park is breathtaking.
 Valley Forge was the winter encampment for General George Washington and his army during the American Revolutionary War.
 After a day of big city life, the girls especially enjoyed having a large place to roam and jump and explore!
 Maryn is never at a loss for a good facial expression....
 and the girls are never at a loss in finding something fun to do!
 We all embraced the morning of relaxation....
 and learn a little history in the process.
 Walls are always a good balance beam activity and our little is always, always right behind the bigs trying so hard to do exactly what they are doing.  
 The General's house....
 After our leisure morning, we piled into the car for an afternoon ride to our final destination, Williamsburg, Virginia.  
The special treat came when we found a Bertucci's Italian restaurant along our path.  Bertucci's is a favorite of ours from our days spent in MA many moons ago and it did not disappoint.  

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