Wednesday, February 1, 2012


*Last night we were watching Pryce play basketball. There was an Asian boy playing on the other team. MK shouted, "Hey, look, that boy is CHINESE!" We acknowledged her excited statement and continued to cheer for Pryce. A bit later she looked at Ryan and said, "Dad, I know where that Chinese boy came from!" Ryan asked, "Where?" and MK stood up and pointed to this Asian man behind us and said, "He came from him, that guy! That is his daddy!"

*The other night as I was putting MK to bed she said, "Mommy, don't tell daddy, but something very scary happened to me at school today." I said, "What?" She said, "I got chased by a BOY!" (Giggle, giggle, giggle) I said, "Was that scary?" She said, "Well, that is my favorite game ever! I think Daddy will think it is a scary game though."

MK went for her annual cleft team appointment today. It was another one of those "lets just wait another year and see" kind of appointments. So glad for their annual assessments and their diligence in tracking her progress. Of course, I left a bit weary of what is to come, ie, the headgear, the facemask, the possible speech therapies because of said headgear and facemasks, the breaking of the jaw possibilities, not to mention her next surgery in two years.....yikes! For today, we live in the "now" and she is happy, healthy and loved by many!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year - Take Two!

The girls are going through a "posing" stage. Either they see the camera and immediately strike a pose OR they run from the camera (Maddox more than MK!) leaving me to photograph their backs. Sigh. Girls will be girls :) Nevertheless, CNY would not be CNY without a party and Chinese silks.
So, we invited a few of our favorite friends, who brought some delicious Chinese food for us all to indulge in, which led to some after dinner conversation for the adults while the kiddos played and played. A party, food, play, play, food and cookies/cupcakes for dessert! Yummm!
The added bonus....Facetime with the Hatcher family! Our dear friends, the Hatchers, are in China NOW hugging their precious new baby girl! Welcome Louisa! Can't wait to meet you!
Meanwhile, back at home, Amy's parents and and two of the Hatcher children were in attendance for our CNY celebration. Grandparent visitors are always a welcome addition to our gatherings! Thankfully, they made themselves at home and joined in the evening fun!
The red couch photo attempt.....looks very similar to the ones taken at the White Swan, right? A few are looking into the camera, a few are tired, some are smiling, some not so much.....
but, wow, look at these guys! Ten precious little ones.....nine adopted, one touched by adoption, all changed forever, all loved. My heart is heavy tonight. What if these guys had not been "chosen?".....what if there is another one waiting???? what if????? Colin asked me, "So exactly how much does adoption cost?" I said, "Well, around $35,000." He sighed and said, "So you are telling me we could adopt two more children instead of purchasing a Suburban?" Laughing, I said, "Yes. You can invest in a car or invest in the life of a child." Proudly he said, "I think I will take investing in the life of a child."
(Our boys are into cars. And they think we need a Suburban. We don't. Our van is good.)