Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Fastest Five Months EVER

In January we decided to put our house on the market.  Little did we know that the sweetest family would come in the middle of an ice storm, view our home, and make an offer...and it was the offer we needed to plunge forward into our next journey in life.
 Two months later, just as everything had been packed away, a little surprise came upon my computer screen and our lives changed forever - we found our baby girl, Maryn Gentry.  Four days later, we closed on our home of nine years and landed ourselves at my parents' home for the next five months.  
 The hardest part was saying goodbye to the many memories we have made at 616 Cornerstone Place....and our neighbors, the infamous bunny cakes, the yard that three of our children learned to ride their bikes in and swing on a swing by themselves, our friends....
Alas, we were packed into our van, Frozen on the ipad, and away we went to South Carolina for five months we will never forget!
 Our new home was being built and the fun was just beginning!
 So what have we been up to?  Well, we have made countless trips to the zoo - with and without friends....MK even attended a zoo camp!
 We have been enjoying life in the country - bike rides on country roads and through the wooded paths....
 we have tromped through the woods and exploring all that life has to offer in the country while sighting deer daily....
 Pryce joined a baseball team for spring ball - he joined the team through a league where we knew of no one....this kiddo walked on the field, played outfield his first night and the coach must have seen a bit of thing we know, Pryce was the designated first baseman for the season....very proud of this kiddo!  He enjoyed every minute of his time on the field and blended right in with boys he had no history with whatsoever....
 all the while, we made trips back to Georgia to see the progress being made on our home....even a bit of dirt being moved around on our lot was exciting!
 Our Easter was spent surrounded by family....we LOVED being close to all of the cousins!  Just as we were moving in temporarily with my folks, my brother and his family were moving back too!  So, all nine grandchildren were within 30 minutes of one another for the first time ever!
 We found a local strawberry field and headed out with cousins to pick some deliciousness!
 And we made our way back to Georgia to visit friends and play a bit of dress up during a fundraising event!
 We jumped and attempted gymnastics at the local trampoline park a few times....
 we celebrated a very special twelve year olds birthday - the boys needed to begin their celebrating at our lot:)
 and Colin danced the night away at his spring formal.....
 and the second level of our home was built!  Watching the building process was such fun!
 We spent almost a month at the beach....the beach is our happy place!
 The building continued....
 Lake Murray became our friend - more cousin time, many days of kayaking, water-trampoline jumping, swimming, trips to Eptings for inexpensive treats, island hopping, and jet skiing....
 And swim team....what would a summer be without swim team?!  We joined a local team - a team that had never won a meet in all of their two years of swimming!  Lo and behold, they WON several this year!  We were so excited to be a part of a team that never gave up!  
 The house continued and the visits were always exciting....Colin has gotten so very tall and jumping up to touch the ceiling is a favorite of his at this time!
 During the first few months, we spent many hours calling, checking, and preparing paperwork for our anticipated trip to China to bring home our baby girl!  Honestly, we thought we would not travel until September....imagine our surprise when we received our official approval from China on April 1, just a week and a half after seeing her face for the first time!  Most families wait up to 4 months on this approval!  Finally, it was time to board the plane to CHINA!  With a lump in my throat as we said goodbye to our boys, and a heart full of anticipation to meet our girl, we were off!  June 23, we held our baby for the first time!
 Two weeks later, we were home, all united together once again and back to see our house had come so far!  There were painted walls, and cabinets had been installed, and lighting that was in need of being picked out!  
 And then an event our Maddox had been waiting on all year to occur - her very own birthday!  Five years old!  We celebrated big and loved on her lots - her little world has been turned upside down!  She was our baby for three years and though she is handling her new status well, she has her sad moments.  She recently told me her heart was "cracking"....I asked her why and she said it was because no one ever holds her anymore!  So not true yet sad to think that is what she is feeling!
 In the midst of it all, the boys acquired their very own boating licenses....they also attended a sailing camp!
 And our third birthday of the season - sweet Maryn!  Two years old!  So glad we were able to celebrate this special day with our girl - her first birthday surrounded by her family and celebrating her life!
 Things are winding down....our days in SC are coming to an end....
 country living will be a thing of the past....
 our afternoons at the lake will be replaced by schooling.....
 The door will be opening to our new home in just 5 days!  
 The house that we have watched grow from a lot to a full fledge building will become our home!  
While we are looking forward to moving in and beginning our new normal, we are also so grateful for our time in SC.  We have reunited with old friends, reconnected with special people, met new friends, and created a life time of memories in just 5 months - my boys will tell you this is their favorite summer yet! We are so thankful for our parents - mine for housing us for the last 5 months and Ryan's for being available to watch our kiddos at the drop of a hat!  
Stay tuned for the next step.....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Randome IPhone Photos
Baby girl spent some time on my hip as we dashed in and out of furniture stores looking for just the right pieces to go in our living room....a huge thank you to my friend, Katie, who patiently made suggestions and helped us decide on just the right look!  
Twas the week before school and all kids were abuz and looking for "last hurrah" lucky guy got to zipline across the river at the zoo while one excited little girl spent sometime on a pony for the very first time!
Maryn was invited by her big sister to join her for a bit of jumping at the trampoline park - this made leaving a bit of a challenge.  Turns out, Maryn LOVES to jump!
We are winding down our last few days in SC visiting the lake....Maddox and her cousin, Kemp, have the best time together!  It was a treat to watch them create their very own shipyard and listen to their sweet voices as they maneuvered their "ship" around the lake!
And Miss Priss....this was just too cute to pass up!  
Maddox has been adjusting to life as a big sister.  
There are days where she is so excited to be in this role yet there are times that she grieves what used to be.  On this particular day, she wanted a sippy cup like Maryn....this picture describes her so well - she looks so grown up with her beautiful long locks of hair and that big hat, yet she is drinking from a sippy cup, something she has NEVER done!  The struggle and yearning to be BIG coupled with the hardships of saying goodbye to her littlest years!  We love this little one to pieces and we are so thankful for her fun ways!