Saturday, January 26, 2013


MK's birthday celebration spanned out over a one week period.
 First up, her official birthday party with friends.  She chose to go to a local pottery painting establishment and paint tea cups and saucers.  Each little lady took their time painting their own design and I must say that this was the quietest party one could possibly have with little girls.  They were so taken with their painting, they forgot to talk.  
 January 15, 2012.  MK's official day.  We began with a donut cake, indulged in chocolate cupcakes with her class for lunch and ended the day with heart shaped Little Debbie cakes.  Enough sugar for the entire month of January:)
 But with these smiles, who could turn them down?!  We love a good reason to celebrate and birthdays are a top-notch deal in our home!
 MK had one birthday gift wish.  A matching dress set for her and her American Girl doll, McKenna.  Good thing birthdays are for making little girls' dreams come true!
 And finally, the official family birthday celebration at Miyabi.  The boys were so into it, hats and all.  It is important to note that on this night, P tasted zucchini without gagging and ate a decent amount of rice.  Definitely not the norm.  
 We had a funny little chef who made our girl feel number one all night.  Then, we topped dinner off with a basket of flowers, a little drum serenade with dancing around and a birthday wish.
 Thankfully, Emma, Jay, Aunt "Nellie", Gran, Pop, G-Dad and G-Mom were able to join us for her special night....then it was off to spend the night at Gran and Pop's with the cousins.  Always a good time when these guys are together!
 Emma and MK have become pen pals and they have been planning their sleepover for well over a month now.  So glad we were able to make it happen!
 Before we wrapped all of the celebrating up, it was off to the zoo for a bit.  
 And what better place for a group hug than the zoo entrance?  Random, but they do love each other to pieces.
 And while the bigs headed over to do the ropes course, the littles stuck together like glue and we toured the sites of the zoo....
 Thankfully, Gran was able to watch the boys during their high-air adventure.....
 watching my boys well above ground attached to a mere rope, well, it just makes me a bit nervous.  
That is it for now.  Until later, I leave you with this pic of our sweet, yet one-of-a-kind girl!  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All is quiet, the house is still.  After three days of flying solo, the children are all nestled together on our living room floor asleep anticipating the late night arrival of their daddy.  We have all missed him so!  He drove the company car so his car has been parked in our driveway.  Each time we came home, Maddox would shout, "Yay!  Daddy's home!" I was quite proud that we all survived with no meltdowns, no illness and pretty much managed to stay on task and attend our normal day-to-day activities, with the help of friends of course!  The highlight of the week thus far has been last night.  Both boys had basketball games.  Both boys scored.  Both boys' teams won!
My personal highlight of the week was when my friend called to say she was adopting from China - and she lives right here!!!!  Can.not.wait to see what God has in store for this family!
A small update.....more to picture downloading man has been gone and though I could figure it out, I haven't had the time - imagine!