Sunday, October 23, 2016

School 2016-17

PreK 3
1st Grade
She loves everything about school minus the homework and "SRA" time in which she tells me she just wants to take a nap until that part is over!
4th Grade
She is in chorus and art club and is thriving in every sense of the word.
 Maddox was recently Student of the Week
 I am learning to take photos of some things so that the children will have a reference for their childhood when they are a bit older!
 Maddox's self portrait
Love every bit of that little Maddox!

Disney 2016

Christmas 2015 we gave the children 12 family activities, one for each month.  We began this little tradition a few years back to make sure that we spent time together as a family, we know that we have to be intentional in keeping our family a close knit unit being that we are a bit larger than other families.
 One of the 12 activities was a trip to Orlando.  We were given a timeshare property for a ridiculously low rate and we jumped on the opportunity knowing that we would all LOVE a long weekend away spending time at a resort.  We paid, put the dates on the calendar, and the children were each given gift certificates to Disney for their birthdays throughout the year so that we could have a little visit with Mickey.
 And then there was Chapman.
We learned about her three days after Christmas and began the paper chase in January to bring her home.  With our Orlando trip already funded, we pushed forward and told the children Orlando would be a great last trip as a family of 7 before we brought home our number 8.
 Only, we got her in 7 months which meant Orlando would be our first trip together as a family of 8!
And we were all so thankful for this time, time to just be together, time away, time to bond.
 Our family time is so precious to us and I pray daily that our children will cherish the memories that we make together!
 There was a little Downtown Disney time, a little resort swimming time, a little Cheesecake Factory eating time, and then it was off to the parks.
 Epcot was Day 1.  This is one way to get a pic of the boys!
 Give them a shark to pose with and they are all in for a photo or five!
 These two baby girls enjoyed each other's time by playing with acorns and bottles while the bigs and middles rode a few rides that they aren't quite ready for yet!
 Magic Kingdom
 What is not to love?!  It is magical and arrived early and left late to be sure we enjoyed every.single.thing!  Big girl Maryn was all about the roller coasters!  Nothing is too fast or too high for her!  Meanwhile, Miss Chapman threw her smile out there to a man selling Mickey Mouse ice cream and she scored a free one to enjoy all to herself!
Maddox is our flexible girl in every sense of the word.  She LOVED riding Space Mountain 3 times with her brothers and then she loved riding the carousel with her sisters....very well rounded!  Pryce was the only child out of the six that we may have lost for a moment but thankfully we recovered him quickly and he wasn't too traumatized:)   
 Four little bugs....
these little girls thoroughly enjoyed the larger than large bathtub at our villa.
 And when your grandparents give you money and you save it for a toy at Disney, you must purchase the musical bubble blowing wand!
 All SIX!  
I love it, I love having SIX!
 And that is a Disney wrap until next time!