Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Eve 2015
We love spending time with our adoption friends and this evening was no exception!  It was the perfect day for egg dying in the porch, egg hunting, and grilling out!
 These two had a table all to themselves!  
 The real action occurred outside....there were a few experiments going how many colors can you dye one egg?  And can you dye an egg that has already been pealed?  eeek!  Definitely an interesting place to be!
 Jonah and Maryn were quite the pair....they played and played and played.  Jonah even gave us all a few lessons on how to do gymnastic stunts!  
All of our guests left just in time for the Drafts 5 to snuggle in to bed for a long Easter's night....alas, Easter morning was upon them and, awake or not, it was time to see if the bunny had come!
 Of course he had hopped over and left a few gifts along his way.....
 The Cinderella wig was a huge hit with someone in particular!
 And our littlest miss loves her new water water table is complete without sunglasses!
 We dyed a few more eggs....
 had a little breakfast....and then we all dispersed to get ready for Easter at church to celebrate Jesus's life!