Thursday, August 6, 2015

Change is in the Air

Here's to the most handsome sophomore in town!  He embarked on his journey at 7:15am yesterday and had nothing but horrible things to say when he returned home at 3:00pm.  One of Colin's best qualities is his humor.  He is hilarious so even though he had unpleasant things to say, this mama was in stitches laughing about his description of his day. 
I do pray that he develops a more kindred heart towards school.  Having been homeschooled for the last six years, change is tough and, according to Colin, he is already deserving of a break:) Ha!
 This little Miss was all smiles prior to going to school as well as upon her return from school.  School just fits her.  MK was more than positive about her day and cannot wait to go back tomorrow!
 It was especially nice to have Chloe by her side for this new adventure!  Chloe was calm, cool and collected which made MK much more comfortable.  We are so excited to have Chloe and her family here with us!  We adore them and as they are setting out on a new adventure of their own, we are glad to get to spend this time with them!
 Ryan has always been MK's safe-hold so she was more than glad to have him by her side as she began her day.
 We began homeschooling many moons ago basically because I wanted to know what it was like.  The deal was that we would do it for as long as it was working for all involved.  Our first year, Colin was in 4th grade and Pryce was in 1st grade while MK was in a Mother's Day Out program.  These years are definitely some of my most treasured times with my children and I have been so thankful for every moment with them.  Last year was tough.  We had a high schooler, middle schooler, elementary schooler, preschooler and a baby - a newly adopted baby who desperately needed her moment with mommy.  More than anything, I value the time I have to spend with my children.  I found that being the mom and being the teacher was much more than my head could wrap itself around at one time.  Doing geometry while potty training is just CRazY!  So, we are trying something new this year.  C and MK are going to school.  Pryce will remain homeschooled.  Maddox will attend a local private, half-day kindergarten while Maryn will go to Mother's Day Out three days a week.  And our deal is that we will do it so long as it is working for all of us.  While we are not ready to fully call it quits to the idea of homeschooling, we are open to trying new things and seeing if it is a better fit for our family!   
 We are so thankful to have good options for schooling our children.  And we are especially thankful to have teachers who will love and guide our children during their time of learning at school!