Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today was a day for MK. She rarely gets my undivided attention AND her father's undivided attention at the same time. Very rarely. So today we took time to indulge her and we surprised her at school to sing Happy Birthday Jesus and eat cake. After wrapping her gifts and getting her face painted, it was onto bigger and better things.....celebrating Jesus's birthday with friends.
Having daddy there was a treat. And when he told her he was going to be home for the rest of the day without returning to work, MK looked at him with her "what-chou talkin bout, Willis?" face.....and then followed this face with giggles of happiness.
The children gobbled up their cake and performed a few songs for us.....this was our favorite, something about a melody???? It was hilarious watching a room full of four year olds dance, each with their own little sprig of uniqueness.

With shouts of joy and mountains of laughter, the day came to an end. The children filed out one by one and all look forward to a long winter's break!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Share the Light, one of our favorite times of the season. Each year, our church sponsors children for Christmas and they have a special evening service where all donors come to give their gifts. The children sing, the scripture is read, the sermon is spoken and then the gifts are taken down to the alter. And it will warm anyone's heart to see the givers so excited about giving.
These guys were some of the excited givers. This year we chose two children, a boy and a girl. One by one I took them shopping to choose what they would like to give to their chosen children. P was so sweet the entire shopping trip. He would suggest a gift and then, thinking it through, he would ask questions like, "Well, do you think we should get him a helmet?" "What if he lives in a place without a yard?" "If we give him clothes, will he be able to wash them?" Loved this time with all of my children, watching them choose the perfect gifts and seeing the light in their eyes when they realized the happiness they were going to put on someone else's face - LOVED it!
Twas the night of the service, when all thru the house.....
MK was so happy to be in the program. She is our little performer, both on stage and off.
My parents were able to come for the service to see the children sing. In between the caroling, my dad happily entertained our youngest.
Following the service, the children were "starving" so who was I to say no to a visit to Krispy Kreme. Maddox has the sweetest tooth of all of my children!
Gran and the children plus baby. The poor babies in our home, they are never found with clothes on!

And to all a good night! These little boos were all tuckered out following our busy day!