Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful! The children, who had somewhat finished their work, took a two hour break and played outside together. The weather was beautiful and listening to the four of them play together was priceless. A perfect day in my world.
Of course, I had my camera out. C has a big day coming up and the girls do too. So, I am busy trying to get some pics of them to share on their special days. The boys are not as much into the whole camera fact, they see the lens and rUn the opposite way. The girls, however, are all about a good picture.
Maddox has a new trick. Serberts. And she is good at them. And she is putting more and more two word phrases together. Remarkable.
This was just a fun pic. She was actually using the flowers as a weapon but I managed to sneak in a shot without getting hurt :)
Our FAB four. These guys are my heart. My joy. Yesterday, seeing them all together, playing a game in which all of them had a part, was just perfect.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our week began at the doctor with Maddox. She was just not doing well and I have learned that she just bottoms out crazy QuICk. Thankfully, 24 hour of meds plus lots of rest worked wonders for her and by Wednesday she was up and running full speed ahead!
Wednesday, the children and I jumped in the car and went to visit my grandmother. Who knew that we could put Annie in for the girls as we were backing out of our driveway and the credits would be rolling just as we pulled into my grandmother's home?! We have all been singing the songs over and over and over. I digress. Nannie was waiting for us and was all smiles! She had spent the better part of her day preparing one of my favorites - biscuits! No one can make them the way she does and the homemade jelly was the bomb. Awesome. The boys immediately engulfed two each and then asked for another - yikes! They are going to eat us out of house and home! There was a piano in the dining room and the boys took turns sharing their songs and talents. The people loved it! Instead of "BRAVO," they were yelling, "Play another one!" and "Don't stop, that can't be the last one!" I will have to say that my favorite part of the day, besides the biscuits and loving on Nannie, was talking with the residents. They were quite funny. One lady came over and said, "The children are beautiful! Do you work in a home that houses these children?" I just smiled and said, "Oh no, these children are all mine!" I am thinking the Asian plus the not-so-Asian kiddos threw her off a bit. She never said another word but you could tell her mind was pondering the situation.
Friday night we tipped off our week with the boys' piano recital. Always so much fun! We are so thankful to my friend Shauna who graciously teaches the boys, and others, how to maneuver their hands across the keys of the piano. The children all played beautifully!
These two were the original piano students. And they go waaaayyy back. Back to infant-dom together. They are now 12 and one week shy of 12.
And these two go waaaayyyy back as well. Back to infant-dom as well too. 9 years old and 9 years old. The second born kiddos. The successful, push forward kiddos yet the lets-kind-of-be-silly-too kiddos. Never a dull moment.
And then you have the aspiring musicians of America. This picture was just too sweet not to share.