Thursday, June 11, 2015

Garden City Beach Days - Part 1

Maryn enjoyed her first edition of the ice cream truck.....
 so thankful for Gran and her willingness to chase down the ice cream truck with the children!
 Our adoptions have allowed for us to meet some of the most fabulous families....we had the pleasure of spending a day on the beach with one such family, the Rankins.  Lily and Maddox were adopted in March of 2011 and our families have shared a great bond since.  
 Fourth beach trip is the charm!  Little miss Maryn is now a full blown beach baby!  She loves the water and jumping the waves and building sand castles!
 Our day with the Rankin family was fun for all involved!  Such a pleasure to have this time with them and to meet their newest baby girl, Mary Katherine.....she is a cutie!
 The bigs have given up on boogie boards and have decided body surfing is the way to go this year!  The have spent hours in the ocean catching the waves!
 Meanwhile, the onshore activities were a hit as well.....jump roping is the new game of choice!
 Colin has reveled in being able to ride his skim board again.....after his shoulder break two years ago, the fear set in.....good to see him back on the board in full comfort!
 Little Miss Maryn and the beach wagon.....all five of our children have taken their turns with the beach wagon!
 Maddox skipped out into the ocean with her boogie board in tow....she is such a free spirit and just goes to her own beat!  Love every bit of this little one!
 Surf fishing was attempted.....hoping for a shark, settled for a whiting.....
 And while the boys fished, the girls created a sand castle kingdom....
 Our mid-week goodbye photo.....Drew had to pack up and go home to work:(  So thankful for this time with her yet so sad to see her go!