Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Photo Pile

She is home forever!  Miss Chloe Hope Taylor, a child close to my heart, a child that I prayed and prayed for, a child who needed her forever family!  For the longest time, I emailed and asked everyone I could think of to please go adopt this little cutie!  Lo and behold, her family was waiting HERE, in our very own town and it only took one by-chance meeting in Target and one time for me to share her photo to a friend, and bam, she was coming home!  Look at that adorable face!  
 My Nannie.  92 years old.  We went to visit her recently and she insisted on baking biscuits for us!  Her biscuits are to die for and we all had our share:)
 On Saturday, MK, Pryce and I took on the theatre to see The Lion King.  Fabulous show.
 What thirteen year old doesn't like to do laundry????
 Maddox and Ava on their first day of ballet!
 And from ballet, we went to football!  I simply LOVE that I have the privilege to parent both boys and girls - a sweet taste of both worlds!
 The majority in our house seem to prefer the silly-face look, especially when the camera comes into play:)  MK is all about Legos.  She will build and create and then build some more!  
 Photo op with Nannie.  We visited, we played the piano, we ate biscuits, we visited some more....I do cherish the moments that we have with her!
 Backing up a bit....our dear friends came home from Ethiopia with their three new little ones!  Lots of hugs and happy tears.
 Our two families, the fun they will have through the years to come!
 A beautiful photo of adoption....Samuel is hugging his big sister for the very first time.  LOVE.
 Miss Maddox.  Got yogurt?
 My littlest learner.  Maddox is all about school time when we are buckled down to learn.