Friday, September 12, 2014

Our traditional Labor Day parade day with family in SC....
the added bonus to this day each year is that we get to celebrate Jay-man!  Jay turned 7 this year and was most excited about his new police uniform!
Sweet Maryn took it all in, clapping as the day continued on - she was thrilled with the parade, loved eating cake and ice cream and was most relaxed spending time in my parents' home.
Though Maryn will go to her father and to her siblings, she loves most to be held by mommy.
A rare opportunity and lucky shot of Pryce - these boys of ours are growing too fast!
Our little big girl.  Maryn Gentry has been sleeping either with us or on a crib mattress right beside our bed since our first night with her.  The mere suggestion of sleeping in a crib was an insult to this baby girl.  After two months of being home, we have transitioned her, quite successfully, to her own bed in her very own room.  So far, so good!
School began again once we settled into our new home.  Pryce has asked for a new desk since we decided to move and the decision was made that he would have his own room.  Needless to say, we intend to buy him a new desk yet cannot seem to find the time to make the purchase.  Until then, Pryce is making due.....he created and decorated his very own school area!  Love his creativity!
Sweet Maddox Ren....she is a whole lot of sass really and even more sweetness.  She is one of a kind and we are so thankful for her!
Our two littlest took some time to explore water....this was just the beginning of what became a water day for these two!  And note, Maryn has just a diaper on....all three of the older kiddos came out at different times questioning me on why Maryn was being allowed to wear only a diaper.  They all three walked away with their mouths opened wide when they were told that they, too, once played outside in a diaper with water - it is just what little diapered kiddos do!