Monday, May 21, 2012

Disney 2012

Disney 2012
Take note that I am pretty sure we didn't even see Mickey or Minnie Mouse while we were there yet our girls were dressed the part!  
The boys were all about the rides, big and small....  
while the girls were all about the princesses.
The boys did their thing while the girls hung out and dined with the princesses....the girls were more than excited!  MK got everyone's autograph while Maddox shouted, "Mommy, dat Snow White right dare!!!"  or "Mommy, Belle right dare!!!"  
Alas, we did have our moments :)  Pictures of all four can be a challenge.....this one just makes me laugh - one child stepped aside, one is rubbing his eyes because the sun was too bright, one is making the silliest face she can possibly make just to make the mood lighter, and one has her hands on her hips in frustration....
thankfully, though, we were all smiles 98% of the time.
for me, the best part was seeing the faces of all four children light up each time we experienced something new together....
of course we toured China....even ate dinner in China per the boys' request....yummmm!
We loved Mulan!  She was the one princess we actually stood in line for and she was super sweet!
(Now we should probably watch the movie! :) )
Finally, the fab four!  So thankful for opportunities to have fun with them!  Thank you to Gran, Pop, G-Mom and G-Dad for birthday presents!!!!  Disney tickets are always a good idea :)

It's funny, we lived in Florida for two and a half years.  Ryan, myself and the boys visited the Disney parks at least once a month while we were there....Colin was just 2 the first time he set his little feet into the Magic Kingdom.  However, we used to joke that he was never going to believe us when we told him (and Pryce) that he had been to Disney because our pictures of these few years at the parks are few and far between.  It is like everything is in fast forward while we are there and by the time I think to pull the camera out, the "moment" is over and we are on to the next thing....CRaZy.