Thursday, March 19, 2015

Almost 8 months home and she has the sweetest, softest voice that sings and talks all.of.the.time.  (In order to keep this real, understand, she does scream LOUD too!) However, her voice is precious!

I will ask her quite often who loves her and she immediately responds, "Mummy!" - a little british hint within her tone;)

We went to the library recently (again, keeping this real.....obviously we should go more often as Maddox leaned over to me as we were entering the building and asked, "Mommy, is this the place that you have to be real quiet?") and little Maryn beamed from ear to ear, running circles around me and shouting, "I like it!  I like it!"

She has an obsession with the Ipad and frequently asks, "Where de I-pap go?"

We sneeze and you hear this little voice say, "Bwesh you!" (Bless you)

We try to help her do something and she is quick to say, "I do it!"

She will ask for something, usually something sweet to eat, and I will tell her no.  She will wait a minute and then say, "Pweesh mummy?"  (Please mommy)

She loves to be noticed and often can be heard saying, "Mommy, wook! Wook at me!" (Look)

When you ask her if she would like to do something, she will respond, "Sure!"

She copies everything and as I type this I just heard her say, "I will honey!" - Ryan just said this to the girls and she wanted to put her two cents in;)

I wish I could just bottle up the cuteness!  She is growing up too fast, as they all do, and there are moments when I just want to keep her little a wee bit longer!

Social Etiquette

Pryce and his friend, Kayley, participated in their first "Social, Inc." event.
For four weeks, they attended classes together to learn social manners - all the ins and outs of manners!  
 These two have been friends since their Kindergarten days and they are looking forward to beginning Social in the Fall together and dancing the nights away!  
This guy continues to grow up!  We are so thankful for the young man he is becoming!