Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter 2012
MK was all into drawing on her eggs this year. We tried tattoo eggs but those were just not meant to be!
Maddox carefully cared for her eggs one by one....

A happy bunch.
Take note that Maddox is less than enthusiastic in the photos included in this post. She prefers all pictures of her be made with the face below and she gets highly irritated when one mother asks her to smile pretty for the camera. Sigh.
This one was made as Ryan played games with her. I was trying to capture the curly hair. So cute!
On Saturday we visited with my parents and my brother's family to celebrate this little guy! What a cutie:)
And on Sunday we were all together for church, Easter lunch and the annual egg hunt!
Our second Easter as a family of six! Beautiful.
Pop and the boys.
Maddox is the typical two year old hunter. She finds one egg and does not move again until the one egg is opened and the treat inside is eaten. Then and only then is it time to move on and find another egg!
MK is our treasure hunter.
Pop and Gran with their fab nine.
Finally the Easter bunny surprises were found upon our arrival home. Everyone was thrilled to see that the little guy hopped over our way even in our absence!
and, lastly, we can likely assume that this girlie is going to be a fan of big girl panties :). I am thinking she had on at least eight or nine pair.