Friday, January 20, 2017

MK is 10

This precious girl turned 10 years old and we have begun to beg time to please slow down!
 Two whole hands.
Double digits.
 At the age of 10, MK is all things sweet.  She has gracefully handled her role as big sister to her three little sisters.  Our MK is in the 4th grade and on the A Honor Roll.  She is in the gifted program at her school and often says that is her favorite part of the day! She participates in the elementary school chorus and art club while dancing her heart away in ballet class two times a week.  This year she also asked to take piano lessons and we are so thankful to have found a teacher right here in our neighborhood to teach her the art of keyboard music.  
 MK is my biggest helper!  She is often my sanity in the mornings as I scramble to get everyone out of the door on time.  She gladly helps me pack lunches, pour milk, hold a baby, etc....she is all things helpful and I am so thankful for her!  MK is all things cuddly.  She sleeps under no less than five blankets each night, each placed accordingly in her bed.  
Each day I am so thankful for the gift of MK, all 10 years of her!