Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Matilda Jane

In 2011, I was introduced to Matilda Jane Clothing
 I was drawn to the uniqueness of their clothing initially....
 I loved how I could coordinate the girls without having to totally dress them alike....
 I loved the feel of the fabric - the softness is like no other!
 I began reading the company's story....
 how the founder had a vision that encompassed keeping a little girl a little girl for as long as possible....
 and how the "twirl" was a bonus to everyone's wardrobe.
 The clothing brings life to those who wear it....
 and brings smiles to those who view it from the sidelines.
 One important factor for me was when I learned how the company strived to help others, how they reached out to other countries and helped provide food, clothing and shelter to those in need.  
 In the midst of learning of this company and shopping the clothing each release, I developed a sweet friendship with my Trunk Keeper, the clothing sales representative.
 We had some fun experiences together, stories we will share for years on how MJ once was and how far they have come in the clothing industry!
 I was thrilled and honored and a bit nervous when my TK friend called and offered me her business, a business that she had built from the ground up.  She was stepping down from her TK role with Matilda Jane and she had complete confidence that I would do well moving forward.
 I let that offer settle in and proceeded with great excitement into my new role as one of our area's TK representatives!  
 My first official month was February and it was a month of learning and, most importantly, FUN!  
 I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my love for MJ with others who are new to the company and those who are well versed in MJC.  At the end of each month, I feel like a child on Christmas morning as I watch for the FedEx van to visit my house with a new trunk full of clothing to share with my friends.
For this season in our lives, Matilda Jane Clothing is a fabulous fit for our family!  It's a relationship that we are all so thankful for!

Catching UP!

Home SIX months
Now 2 1/2 years old
I pinch myself daily when I think of her story and how she came to be ours!  She is everything sweet, sassy and preciousness all bundled up into one!
 Miss Maryn
Our ballet star
And she LOVES this lion, it is likely I have posted a pic of her with it before!
Every week she asks for a picture beside the lion as we walk into ballet
 Our seven year old diva
Maddox has been asked to be a part of a arts infusion charter school that will open in the Fall!
We are thrilled for this opportunity for her!
 Sweetness even in her sleep
She has started wanting to go to sleep in our bed - this from the child who screamed the very first night we had her in China because she wanted to be alone in her bed as she fell asleep.  Her growth physically AND, more importantly, emotionally has been an amazing thing to experience with her.
 It was a school holiday and these girls had gift cards to Build A Bear burning in their pockets!
 And in true Drafts fashion, after Build A Bear, we headed straight to Bruesters for a little ice cream treat.
 A certain little Drafts did not appreciate it when her ice cream was all gone!
 Four months ago, our Chapman had her spinal cord untethered.  We had a post-op visit with her neurosurgeon last week who said she looks great!  So thankful!  The most fabulous part of the visit was the fact that she did not cry one.single.tear.  I was amazed.  The fear that she once felt each time we entered a medical facility has now been replaced with a certain cautious approach vs. the screaming one she once felt was necessary for survival.
It is my favorite
No way around it!
 I am pretty sure Maddox and I sang every word to every song together!
 Maryn Gentry
Oh, how I love her even when she makes poor choices...
 This little one felt it necessary to take a black Sharpie marker to just about everything in her sight.....a fan, her bed, her dresser, her bathroom counters.....all the way to include toys and an Aquaphor tube.  Being one of six, I am going with the assumption that she felt it necessary to label what was hers (26ish items to be exact!).  I am pretty sure this will be the story that one will hear many times over the years to come!
 Our baby boy turned SEVENTEEN
Baby Boy
Geez, who knew he would grow up so fast!
 This pic sums up my heart in a oldest and my youngest sharing joy together!  Chapman loves Colin to pieces!
 Oh Colin
You made me a Mama and who knew the journey we would go on together in life!  What a privilege it is to be your mother and have a front row seat in watching you grow into a young man!