Saturday, August 4, 2012

911, Urgent MD, and Hospital, OH MY!

Who knew a simple kitchen barstool, albeit heavy barstool, could do such damage to one little girl's toe?!  In typical MK fashion, she was trying to help me with Maddox by getting her down from a stool in our kitchen.  Unfortunately, Maddox AND the stool came down at the same exact time and landed direct hit on MK's big toe.  
 After blood curdling screams, a call to 911 (have I mentioned before that handling traumatic/bloody incidences well is not my gift???) calls to a friend, and a trip to Urgent MD, we found ourselves seated comfortably by MK's side at our local children's hospital.  Doctors aplenty came to see our girl and make decisions on her care.  Finally, 12 hours after the injury occurred, MK was sedated and sewn up.
 We arrived home to two big brothers who had spent their day decorating the house in anticipation of their little sister's arrival back home!  MK was so happy to be home! (Maddox was sleeping when we arrived but awoke later with a fever of 102 - "it's raining, it's pouring....")
 With a broken toe and stitches galore, it is bed rest/couch rest for our little one at least until Wednesday.  Today has been lots of fun playing a new DS game, watching tv and resting.....late this afternoon she did mention the "I'm bored!" statement....ack, too early for that!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Maddox began her third birthday as most girls do, on the phone!  She was one popular girl and quickly learned that when the phone rang, it was for her.  She loved hearing everyone sing to her and she was so cute telling them how old she was!  She told her Aunt "Nellie" that she was now "5, 4, 2"....totally left out the number 3!
 In between her phone calls, she managed to squeeze in her special birthday breakfast - ice cream!  
 The one thing about having three older siblings is that you learn fast that everything cannot be all about you even on your birthday!  MK participated in a Tinkerbell ballet class last week and Friday, Maddox's birthday, was her chance to show us all of the fun things she had learned throughout the week.
 She was really a bit tired out and even asked if she had to go on the first day.....she went and she came home after the second day and squealed with joy, "Mommy, this is my favorite camp yet!"  It was really cute....each night, the fairies would leave surprises for the girls - MK could not wait to go each day and see what awaited her!
 Then, on her final dance, she did her best twirl and got a sprinkling of fairy cute.
 Maddox was quite taken with Tinkerbell.....really, I believe she was quite taken with the whole performance.  She cannot wait to take ballet beginning in August and she keeps asking, "Mommy watch me ballet?"  Of course, I will be her biggest fan!
 Following ballet, it was back home for a nap and then party time.  
 She asked all day if she could open her presents and she was thrilled when the time finally fell upon us.
 We tried our best to get a group picture of the girls.  Our first attempts went something like this.....
 and then Ryan jumped in and started dancing around the room making the giggles appear.
 The day was not over, there was so much to do and at the age of three, Maddox is all about keeping up!  Following the party, it was out to dinner for the family, singing in the restaurant, a family game of Putt-Putt and then we all went to the airport to greet our newest American citizen home with her family from China.....
and then to top off the evening, we all came home and enjoyed a campout in the living room to kickoff the beginning of the Olympic the memories in the making!