Sunday, April 14, 2013

An apple a day keeps the frowns away:)
 Or, rather, in this little one's world, lots of chocolate each day keeps the frowns away:)
 The ill-fated night when the flu hit....but we did have a lot of fun with these guys prior to the bottom dropping out!
 Maddox LOVED using the flashlight to hunt for eggs and then it was even more fun to spy the treasures she found in her loot!
 Pryce's bed for 8 days straight.  
 We managed to dye a few eggs though you will note that one guy is missing - he was in bed at this point and could bear the thought of getting up.
 The girls were very intent on watching the color changes on their eggs.  
 Easter morning 2013.  For a few moments, everyone was up and running.
 MK lost her first tooth and she was was thrilled.  A few days later, she lost another.
 Our nephew/cousin Jay is enjoying his season of baseball.  We got to enjoy watching him on the field this weekend.  He was johnny on the spot when the ball was hit into play.  
 After a morning of baseball and a pizza lunch, it was off to spend some time at the lake with cousins and grandparents....
 a little jet skiiing (yep, in pants no less!)
 a little boating, tubing and swimming....
and a whole lotta fun!  P deemed it the "best day of my life yet!"