Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two Years Old

Happy Second Birthday, Maryn!
Maryn Gentry was not too sure what all of the fuss was about.  The cake, the balloons, the people, the noise....she was all eyes!
The children are always making faces at her and getting her to copy them - this is one example.
We tried and tried to get her to dive into her "smash" cake.  She was just not having it!  We even put a bit of icing on her mouth thinking it would entice her to give it a try - our girl was not having it!
We played a few games and the big kids LOVED the tasks involved - Oreos from forehead to mouth, no hands involved = hilarious!
And then there were the pretzels and pretzel in your mouth, get the Lifesaver on your pretzel, again, no hands involved = hilarious.  **Note to Maddox, you may have used your hands but you tried to hide them well!
Even the boys were all in....they took it to the next level and successfully got two Lifesavers on their pretzels!
Pretty girls, the best of cousins!  So thankful that MK has Emma to look up to!
Presents were opened....truthfully, the balloons were the biggest hit!  
But sweet girl enjoyed seeing what was available in those new packages!
Emma and Jay gave her a baby doll and she quickly went into mother mode and loved on her baby!

The day was just what the doctor ordered - sweet and family-filled!  
(Getting a somewhat normal picture of this crew is just not possible at this time!)