Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fingerpainting gone WILD.....
body painting is a new art designed by our own little Maddox Ren....
 she does not even miss the areas that are hard to reach when she body paints.....
 and when you put her in the sink for a quick little rinse....
 she feels the need to paint some more....however, the water requires a brush stroke technique.....
 we were lucky enough to actually get some artwork she poured her heart into prior to the self decorating.
Never a dull moment with this little one:)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Our week began with one sick little C.  His nurse, Maddox, was quite busy taking his temp every so often and making sure he was supplied with ample covers to keep him warm.  Thankfully, her constant care was enough and he was on the mend by Thursday.
 P had his 10 year check up on Wednesday.  He was very observant during his appointment and he told me afterwards that he was already thinking of ways he could make the children laugh when he has to do a throat swab during his doctoring career.  He also opted to sit in the waiting room following his appointment while Maddox endured a few shots.  The shots proved to be yet another first for me.....it was the first time I have ever had a child scream uncontrollably well after the shots had been given.  I am sure some of the mothers reading this may be rolling their eyes.  However, when I say she was screaming, she was screaming....and it was heartbreaking because there was absolutely nothing I could do to make it better - keep in mind this was 30 or 45 minutes AFTER the shots had been administered.  Maybe it is normal, but in all of my four, it was a first for me and Ryan will now be taking her for her next round of shots:)
 Thursday proved to be MK's day.  Hard to believe that her PreK-4 year has come to an end.  She was so excited about her graduation, her songs, and her special gifts.  She was also pleased to see Gran there during the ceremony.  
 Following graduation, the day continued in MK's favor.  Ballet came to an end as well so parents and family members were invited to watch a little performance.  Her dance school is so sweet.  We have enjoyed our years there and look forward to next year when both girls will attend.  
 For Maddox, this past week was therapy week.  Speech therapy is a given for every week.  And every other week, we do physical therapy to strengthen little girl's muscles.  For the most part, she loves PT.  There is a lot of running, jumping, swinging, hiding and squealing going on - all exciting to Maddox.  
 Our busy week peaked on Friday.  Friday the children and I went to SC just in time to have a special lunch with my niece, mother, sister, and my niece's school principal.  Following lunch, the boys read to Emma's class.  Then, we all went to the zoo.  The day was BEAUTIFUL, perfect weather for the zoo.  The animals must have felt the beauty too - they were all awake and active which was a bonus for us!  Our zoo has a new ropes course and the boys wasted no time at all getting latched up for their latest adventure.  Friday evening, with the children all tuckered out, we spent a quiet evening with Ryan's parents.  Saturday came and the girls went out to play - my mother invited me, my sister and my sister-in-law as well as my girls and my three nieces to attend a mother/daughter luncheon at her church.  Very sweet day.
 And, Mother's Day.  Mother's Day we all got up super early to attend church with my parents.  My brother, his family, my sister and her family, and Ryan and our kiddos along with my parents.  All 17 of us.  On two pews.  And then we gathered together for lunch at a local restaurant.  All 17 of us.  So glad that we were all able to be together to celebrate my mother and her family.  
And so glad for these four kiddos who call me Mom and who I am blessed beyond measure to call my children.