Thursday, December 1, 2011

What They Are Like Now.....

Thankful for this guy who is our leader of the pack. At the age of 11, C is homeschooled; his favorite subjects are logic and debate; he is our reader - always reading one book for school, another book for fun and somewhere he finds time to read yet another book just because!; he has been taking piano lessons since the age of 5; he is an avid Clemson football fan; he is loving his first year in youth group at church; he is on the area homeschool basketball team - loves it!; he relishes in a good cup of coffee; electronics are his fascination; and, he desires to be a pilot.
Thankful for my number 2! P is just like me, a second child, a middle child. His smile warms a room and his empathy for others will melt your heart. At the age of 9, P is all about sports - baseball being a top favorite, watching football a close second and basketball; he detests corn; he is in his second year of piano; he is homeschooled and loves math, his strongest subject; he is developing a love for reading and can often be found absorbed in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series - sigh; he is measuring himself daily for growth - his mean mother STILL makes him sit in a booster seat due to the fact that he falls a bit short of the non-booster seat requirements!; he is the king of laughter - always wanting to make others smile; he desires to be a pharmacist or a "kids doctor" when he grows up!
Oh MK! How we embrace her determination and love her strong will - hoping we continue to shape these two characteristics in our sweet girl! Thankful for her belly laughs and her sweet heart. At the age of 4, MK loves ballet; she is willing to try most foods and LOVES anything sweet; she goes to pre-school four days a week where she is all about chasing the boys - sigh!; she is often found asleep with pj pants on and pj shirt off all cuddled up in her Hello Kitty snuggy; she understands that she was born in China (and Maddox too!) and the boys grew inside mommy's tummy; she loves to put a pile of random items in her purse; she likes to wear her hair all down, no bow; flip flops are her favorite shoes even in 32 degree temps; she wants to become a doctor, a ballerina and a mommy when she grows up.

Our caboose. Maddox Ren. How thankful we are today that she is home with us forever. How thankful we are that her two little arms wrap around our necks each day with a big squeeze; she is two and in this season of her life, she is all about mommy; her favorite drink is chocolate milk; she eats when she is hungry and turns away food without a second thought when she is not; she has been home for almost 9 months and she understands everything we say to her but has a limited vocabulary of understandable speech; she does speech therapy 3 times per week and occupational therapy twice a month; she wins over everyone she meets be it through her contagious grin or her engaging dances; she loves animals; she is a great puzzle solver; she loves babies and strollers; she is a climber; she is loved by all and we are so thankful to hold her when she sleeps and cheer her on when she meets a goal!