Saturday, January 18, 2014

Seven Year Old Bling

January 15 finally arrived and MK was pleased to see the kitchen decked out in her honor with gifts as an added bonus!  The smile on her face remained all day long.  She was one happy seven year old!
 Her one wish has been to have her ears pierced.  Over the past few months, we have visited the store and watched other little girls pierce their ears in preparation for MK's big day.  She was so excited!
 I will admit that I was quite unsure of how the event was going to take place.  
 She was so brave!  She picked her earrings out, climbed into the chair, listened to the details of ear piercing and she did not hesitate once on getting the job done.  
 Of course, when in a family with multiple siblings, everything is done with extra support, including getting your ears pierced.  
 Mason-Kate grinned from ear to ear and she is extremely proud of her new bling!
 She enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home building with a new Lego set - an engineer in the making;)
And then it was off to her favorite restaurant in town - Miyabi.  After a huge dinner, our newly turned seven year old was all tired out and ready to call it a day!  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Mason-Kate!

You are the daughter of an Almighty God, 
you are a princess destined to become a Queen.
 Your wonderous story has already begun,
 your once upon a time is now!
Happy 7th Birthday, Mason-Kate!
You are loved and cherished from the top of your tiny little head to the bottom of your tiny little toes!  We thank God daily for the treasure he gave to us on the day you were placed into our arms forever!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mason-Kate's Special Day

Hard to believe that in three days, this little one will already be seven years old.  As I often say and as others often tell me, time is flying....
 Our girl suggested a tea party for her birthday....
 and no tea party is complete without everyone bringing along their favorite tea party pal! 
 Though there was a lot of discussion on how to properly hold your tea cup - pinkies out ladies! - eventually the crazy straws made their way to the table and the girls dropped all etiquette for some little girl fun.
 MK is not a cake eater so she chose a cookie cake for all to indulge in....
 Happy Birthday was our theme song for the day.... 
 abundant laughter could be heard throughout our home as the girls engaged themselves in a friendly game of Pass the Present....and then there were the sweetest squeals of delight as they conquered a scavenger hunt throughout our home.  The scavenger hunt was put together by Ryan who always steps up the the plate when given a birthday party task to complete - he made all of the clues and even catered them to each princess, a job well done indeed!  The girls were ecstatic!  
 Pictured below are some of the most amazing little girls! 
 We were so blessed to have MK's friends in our home to help us celebrate our girl!
"A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey" - Winnie the Pooh

School's IN

School 2014
We all enjoyed a break and we remain thankful that the opportunity to homeschool is a part of our lives!  It was sooo cold when we awoke bright and early Monday morning.  So cold that C put one of his Christmas gifts to use immediately - the Snuggie.  The Snuggie was a most appropriate gift for this kiddo who is often caught wearing minimal clothing - shorts and tshirts - in negative degree weather:/  
 One of the joys of homeschooling is one can find a most comfortable spot to get wrapped up in reading a good book.  I am most positive P would say a desk would be an adjustment to his style of learning.  
 MK was given a new and exciting task - journal writing and drawing.  She is a gifted reader, she loves to write and drawing is a natural talent she possesses.  Put all three together and you have a recipe for success!
 And our youngest learner.  Due to our rare COLD days, school was cancelled for Maddox.  So, we quickly put her to work at home and she was quite the busy bee.