Monday, July 20, 2015

Some of our Favorite Peeps!

We got lucky this summer! Some of our favorite people, the Mohrs, came for a visit!  
 We were so excited to show them our little home!  And we even took on some sites that we have never been to - the drive-in being one of them!
 The Big Mo was a hit!  With a family the size of ours, the Big Mo is the way to go!  Two movies and half the price of going to a theatre!  Plus, you can take your own food and there isn't any of the undercover operations sneaking candy in:)
 Chloe and MK had lots of laughs together!  These two amaze me.....they have a very special bond that I pray will last a lifetime!
 Within minutes of the Mohrs arrival, these two took off to play and they played and played and played!  
I love knowing they have each other!
 Finley was excited to have visitors too!  Lots of treats for him and lots of love!