Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tuesday evening these guys played a great game, neck to neck, against each other - they are the best of friends and it is good to see them having fun together even if they are on opposing teams!  
 The girls LOVE to teach Maryn and Maryn loves to try to do everything they do!  The big news for Maryn is that she was evaluated by our school district earlier in the month - I went for the results meeting and Maryn didn't qualify for any services!  It really wasn't a huge surprise to us but it was good to hear professionals confirm what we were suspecting.  They said, "We think you have one smart little girl and we do not see any evidence of a development delay."  Amen.  
 Ah, to be "home" again!  
Our former neighborhood graciously invited us to swim for them this summer and they have welcomed us with open arms!  
 We have four swimming this year - Maddox has joined the troops with full force and she is one strong swimmer!  We are so excited for her and we know that she will do well this season!  
 The boys will have a few extra muscles after the summer - they call their practices "mini boot camps."  Our coach also coaches year round swimming and our high school team.  She has them crunching, running, sit-upping, treading water for 10 minutes with their hands above their heads....hard core but such a good workout for them!
 And what everyone loves about swim team - the social part.  The children have enjoyed seeing their friends and spending time with them each morning during and after practice.