Sunday, November 11, 2012

We welcomed November with a bang celebrating P's 10 1/2 birthday!  Following this celebration, he was invited to spend the weekend with Gran and Pop.  "Gran Camp" is an annual event and my children look forward to it every year.  And they say the same thing each year - "Next time, I think it should be longer!"  They love this special time with their grandparents and cousins.  
 The fair came to town and the children were more than excited.  In fact, they have been anticipating its arrival for quite sometime now.  We have told them no in the past but this year we decided to make it an evening of fun for everyone.  *Note that Maddox is wearing her "life jacket."  Love that she calls her coat a life jacket.  On this particular night it served as her life jacket due to the extremely cold temperatures in the air.
 Maddox was thrilled to be tall enough to ride a few of the rides.  Poor little thing is so petite and yet she will hold up her arms and proclaim, "I BIG and STRONG mommy!"  
 The boys and MK proved fearless.  They were riding every ride that would allow them to twist and turn.....the faster, the better, especially for these two pictured above:)  There were moments when these two would beg to ride a more-than-fast ride while C would take a break with his favorite fair food, a funnel cake.  
 On Thursday, our sweet MK's luck turned bad once again.  Poor girl, while she was innocently sitting in car line, she was stung by a yellow jacket on her face.  I arrived on the scene and was ushered into the nurse's office where I found my teary-eyed girl sitting with her teacher and an ice bag.  You know your child is loved when her teacher gets weepy describing how she got stung.  When we arrived home, the boys quickly made a special place for her to watch a movie, got her a bottle of sweet tea (you know, in her world, that is what cures everything!) and gave her a new minky-dot pillowcase with her name on it!  MK is all about soft material and the minky-dot pillowcase did not disappoint.  Of course, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift but we did what we had to do to make our girl all better:)
And our weekend....the boys were off bright and early on Saturday for a Boy Scout camping adventure.  There was cooking and archery and fishing and geology, oh boy!  So while the boys were away, the girls went out to play:)  Among other special treats, the girls were treated to getting their nails painted, Maddox's first time!