Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Today we celebrate five months home with this little girl!  She is the squishiest little bundle of love and we all adore her.  
Five months home meant it was time for our social worker to visit to assess how our post-adoption phase was going....she asked what our biggest adjustment has been and Ryan's wit shown with is candid response of, "Well, four, five, what's the difference?!  The biggest adjustment for us has been where is everyone going to sit in the van!"  I agree.  
Many have asked what her "special need" is.....she was labeled "delayed development" but MK said it perfect the other night when she exclaimed, "I think she needed our family!"  True.  And we needed her.
She talks and sings and jumps and dances and climbs and runs and rides toys as well as scooters....she is always on the heels of her big sisters!  She still has a bit of anxiety with the nursery at church but calms quickly. She has a love/hate relationship with her hairbows - she asks for them to be put in but they are always pulled out before the day ends!  She participates in occupational therapy each week and is meeting all of her goals - taking her clothes off, putting her shoes on, climbing up and down stairs, coloring, lacing, etc....she is doing all of this and so much more.  For this, we are thankful!   

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 was spent on my great-uncle's farm, the same farm that I grew up going to each year when I was young.  My parents were overjoyed to spend the day with all three of their children and spouses as well as their ten grandchildren....not to mention the added bonus of the remaining 100ish family members also present for the big annual feast.  
 In what has become true-Maryn form, she pranced right around the farm as if she had known it for her entire life....she explored and greeted everyone even letting several people hold her from time to time.  This is a true testament to just how attached she is, how she has come to know trust, and how peaceful she is in her new life with her forever family.  It has been five months and this little one is thriving.  MK often says, "Mom, I know we got the right one...." and the end of the sentence will be with another reason why Maryn is a perfect fit to our family.  She is a gift to us all.
 Cousins, I love that these three adore one another.
 Maddox kept asking, "Are you serious that we are going to a REAL farm?  Like a FARM?"  She was in all of her Maddox glory running from the cotton fields to the tractors to the barn....and eating her weight in every desert that could be found along the way.  
 My sweet Nannie turned 94 on November 5.  She has been a bit under the weather and we have all worried about her health while keeping a watchful eye on her.  We were so thankful to see her quite spry during our afternoon visit and her smile lit up the room when we all arrived!  She loves Thanksgiving and we loved getting to see her on a day that means so much to her!
 These two are quite the team.  Maddox loves for my dad to play "Horse Bite The Corn" with her.....the giggles are neverending.  This game is something my grandfather used to do with us and the reaction was always the same - laughter!  
Post-farm, we visited with Ryan's family for a bit, ate more goodies, and then it was time to head home....on our way home, we made an impromptu stop at Target....the children were all tired yet excited to experience a little of the Black Friday madness.....thankfully we were not really into shopping for the deals but more into getting what we needed and heading home for a good nights rest!  
A fabulous Thanksgiving indeed!