Sunday, May 8, 2016

Spring Formal 2016

Spring Formal 2016 was just perfect! Pryce and Colin were in attendance and I could not have been a more proud parent as I watched my boys dance the night away with their partners.  It is simply an amazing sight to see!  Pryce and his partner, Kaylee, finished their first year of Social together.  Friends since Kindergarten, they share a lot of laughter and smiles as they grace the floor.
 Colin, after completing three years of Social, was selected to be a Cotillion Dance Club member this year.  It has been amazing for him....many friendships from several area schools formed and he has been one happy camper on his nights leading dance club members.  Because his former partner did not apply to become a Cotillion member, he was assigned a new one.  Her name is Emma and she is the sweetest!
 Pryce embraced the dancing styles and had a grin on his face 99% of the time throughout the evening.  
 Colin looked very dapper in his tails....he has grown up so much this year!
 When Pryce wasn't smiling, he had this smirk on his face as if to say, "Are you really taking ANOTHER picture of me?!?!?"  Goodness.
 As a Cotillion member, you are asked to perform 80% of the dances over a 3 hour span of the, basically, we saw a lot of these two and they were terrific!
 Pretty sure this was the Twist.....I loved watching Pryce and Kaylee as they danced, laughed and sang along!
 Three peas in a pod....Spencer, Pryce, and Isaac.  They have grown up together and all three are becoming fine young men!
 So glad that my mother was able to be a part of our spring formal evening this year!  I knew she would love watching all of the dances, seeing the beautiful dresses and listening to the band play.  She said many times that she thought it was just beautiful!  And of course she was so proud of the boys!
 Pryce and Kaylee
 Colin and Emma
After the formal, all Cotillion members and their parents were asked to a dinner and dance at a local hotel.  The children, after having danced for three hours straight, ate a quick bite, drank some good ole sweet tea, and then continued to dance the night away on the dance floor.  
 Our pre-formal crowd.....all of these children are homeschooled except Colin.  What a fine group of young people Pryce has had the privilege to grow with!
 The best part about this crowd is that they know when to be serious and when to let loose!
 With the sun going down, the group enjoyed a few pre-formal snacks and walked into a night they will all remember for many years to come!