Saturday, March 9, 2013

Favorite quotes of the week:
Maddox announced that she did not like "grass" in her food.  Grass = lettuce.

MK shouted, "MomOmom!  Maddox just kicked me in my sternum!"

My favorite moment was watching C open his birthday gift, the one we have all been anticipating yet he had no idea we had actually purchased it.  He was so surprised!

My lowest moment was during P's final basketball game on Thursday.  His team was one of two teams who made it all the way to the championship tournament in his division, a first time opportunity for him.  And they were playing a team that had beat them once before, the only team who has beat them all season.  And, as luck would have it, the other team happens to be the team he was on last year so playing against his former coach made P super nervous.  We looked good the first half especially when P went up to score the first points for his team!  And then second half came and the downhill slide began.  And then P got hurt.  His knee took a nasty hit to the floor during a battle for the rebound - P has a gift of acquiring rebounds.  It was at this point, though, that P's pride was hurt and I wanted to just cuddle him up and take him home!  The little beast (and I say that in the kindest tone!) he was battling with spoke some nasty language towards P and it damaged his feelings.  P is my gentle spirit and I hate to see his heart hurt.


And my thought for the week.....I am wondering if people would believe that our fifth child was an "oops!"  I mean, women get pregnant all the time by "surprise" so can't we adopt and say it was a surprise?!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy 13th Colin....
 you entered this world in such a whirl of excitement, I only had my toothbrush and pillow to sustain the labor, delivery and hospital were the firstborn grandchild for Gran and Pop, they hurried quickly to the hospital late that night with G-Mom and G-Dad not far behind.....and in four short hours you made your first cry, so weak that the nurses had to use a styrofoam cup to help you breathe???  I still don't totally understand that one but it worked and you were cleared to leave the hospital and begin your life at home.....
I remember your first smile - daddy was home sleeping after working all night....I saw that smile and ran downstairs to wake him up to see your grin;  I remember your little clicking sound you used to communicate with; I remember telling you to settle down and be patient while I got ready because you would be waiting on women the rest of your life:); I remember your first crawl, backwards nonetheless;  and your first steps, you were not about to let go of my fingers and do it by yourself;  your smile at 4 in the morning - you weren't one to cry at night, just one to want to be awake

On your first birthday, we packed up and headed cringed when we tried to get you to touch the snow; you flew on an airplane every single month of your second year of life;  you jumped out of the crib at Gran and Pop's house - I opened the door to find you in pure darkness with the most surprised look on your face and you asked, "What happened to me?"....thus began your days in the toddler bed

At the age of two, you welcomed P into our world;  every morning you would wake and climb into my bed and together we would snack on Golden Grahams cereal while P had a bottle; and off to Florida we went to begin another phase in our family journey;  Mickey Mouse's house was an accessible part of your life; you began your first year of preschool and you learned how to swim

At the age of three, you continued were not an artsy child, drawing was just not your thing; and your teacher was not your favorite which became outwardly evident on the day that she asked you to help clean up the toys and you boldly told her "NO!" which landed you in the Director's office:)  Your days as the best John Deere Gator driver ever began as you drove P around our neighborhood daily;  you played your first season of soccer, my favorite part being the games when you would run up and down the field waving to us....perfect!

At the age of four, we moved yet fussed at our moving truck driver for smoking;  and you flat out kicked your preschool teacher because she would not let you count past 100;  you continued your driving skills on the Gator, thus leading us to believe that our Gator purchase was the best money we ever spent!  You were in a store one evening with Gran when we discovered to you could read fluently without ever being taught how to read; you loved your imaginary friends, John and Jor;  soccer took a backseat while baseball became your thing

At the age of five, you went to Kindergarten and the only thing you wanted to do was ride the bus to and fro - I tried desperately to convince you that my car was the equivalent to a bus but that would just not do;  you began playing the piano; you decided that swim team would be your thing so long as you could be the coach, otherwise, you were not about to participate:)  

At the age of six, first grade began and your first little crush appeared in the name of Meghan; the DS became a hot item in your world; you wore a mohawk to school;  riding a two wheel bike became a treat for you at the beach - you learned how to do this while we were on the beach and you told me you could only go straight, no turning until the next year;  

And, keeping it real, 7, 8 and 9 all tend to run were a favorite student to your teachers; baseball and basketball were your sports; piano crept into your daily life; we began homeschooling, new friends were met, old ones remained;  Wimpy Kid books made you laugh out loud;  

And then there was 10, 11 and 12....three years that you quickly grew up....Axe entered the scene;  texting became second nature;  challenge introduced itself in the form of Algebra though you continued to maintain an A in math;  Social and sports coats you began to enjoy;  your interest in music became more apparent;  your desire for you own phone grew and grew despite our constant reminder that "just because that person has something does not mean you need it too"....

And during all 13 years, your love for your family, and our love for you continues to grow and grow - our proudest moments are when we see you smile because you have achieved a goal or when you come to us for advice or when you seek us out to show us your latest home movie....and we love hearing your dreams, receiving your hugs, hearing your laughter, and, most of all, we love who you are!  God has big plans for you buddy, and we are so blessed to be your parents!  
We love you Colin!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Last weekend Ryan and I were given the rare opportunity to spend a weekend together sans kiddos.  To say that I do not like to be away from my children is an understatement, I know nothing different than to be with them 24/7; however, I would not be totally honest if I did not admit to myself how much the "time off" was appreciated and enjoyed.  A huge thank you to my parents for their willingness to tackle all four children!  It is safe to say that fun was had by all.  The pic below is just moments after our reunion on Sunday.  MK, who rarely takes a nap these days, took TWO Sunday afternoon and then went to bed at the regular bedtime of 8:00 that night only to sleep until 7:30 the next morning.  She was T.I.R.E.D.
Our family is gearing up for this year's Roar of Love performance with their ballet company.  MK will be a pony this year and.....
she will be joined onstage by her daddy and Maddox in their debut roles as Father Christmas and a precious little Cherub....Maddox was less than thrilled to be the center of attention in the dressing room.  She was not about to give me the pleasure of snapping just one photo of her with her big sister and daddy yet when the photographer took them back for the professional snapshots, she was all smiles!  
Friday we kicked off birthday week for C with a gathering of friends for football, trampoline games, cake, and pizza....
I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching these guys together, chatting with them and hearing their new voices - they are all at that age!  
C was thrilled to have some birthday surprises....I must say the gift that had us all wondering was the "brown bag"....question of the day, "What is in the brown bag?" 
And the answer is.....a HUGE donut.  And it was YUM - yes, I snuck a bite:)
In the midst of ballet and birthdays, basketball was going on throughout our week as well....
P has had an exciting season thus far and Thursday's game was no different.  Who knew a rec league game would go into overtime???  Yes, they did and P's team came out on top, 15-12.  Off to the playoff games we went on Friday....a win, 30something to 10something, so off to game 2 we go on Tuesday!  
And in the midst of it all, our neighbors left for China on Tuesday to bring home their little girl.  Please be in prayer for them, the Morrison family and little Miss Ava.  May her heart be ready to embrace her forever family!  We can't wait to meet this little one very soon!
And oh how I long to go back.