Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter 2017
Chapman was introduced to her most favorite game to date - hunting Easter eggs!
She is all about the candy!
 Our two littles had egg hunts at their preschool.  
 Next up was the "street/neighbor" egg hunt...
 Our biggest girl was not about to hunt with a basket this year but the Target bag saved our day!
 Each egg hunt allowed for the children to find 12 eggs so the kiddos were all counting their eggs as they went along!
 I am so thankful for these sweet baskets given to us by Ryan's Aunt Peggy.  So sweet!
 This little one has learned to look at the camera when she wants to and to avoid it at other times....thankfully I have learned to snap quickly and be happy with what I get!
 The big girls had such a good time sharing with their littlest sister!
 Dying eggs with this toddler was a new experience!
I think she is the first to try and eat the egg, shell and all, as she dyed it!
 This guy humored us with dying an egg too!  We are so thankful for our bigs and their hearts that love their sisters big!  (Colin was helping his Pop with some music on his iPod!)
 Maddox discovered how to dye half of the egg one color and the other half another color....
 and I learned that their a reason to use the utensils when dying eggs!  
 Easter morning was extra special this year with Gran and Pop here!  
 Our sweet Maryn kept her sunglasses on until it was time to go to church!
 My two helpers decorated the bunny cake....we sure to miss our annual bunny cakes from our old neighbor Ms. Ann!
 Maddox learned a lesson on how to devil eggs from Gran....
 and then it was church and pictures!
Maryn fell asleep on the way home from church and she never wakes with a happy face....thus, the long face in our pics.
 This sweet girl
Chapman McKensie
So thankful she is home with us and celebrating Easter this season with her family!
 My boys
My three favorite boys
 Gran, Pop, and our six kiddos!
 Following church, my sister and her family arrived as well as our dear friends, the Mohrs!  We were so excited to have everyone with us for the afternoon....good food, good laughter, egg was all good for our souls!
He is Risen Indeed!