Friday, March 23, 2012

Random photos from the last few weeks.....sweet girl was done!
Sisters. So glad they have one another. Everyday together brings them closer and closer.
And they adore this guy!
Happy Gotcha Day to Maddox......
Happy Gotcha Day to Mason-Kate.....
This is no joke....Colin was literally running around our house looking at everything and saying, "I didn't know that was there! Wow!" We heard this at least a dozen times! He is super excited about his new glasses and we are too!
Going to Narnia.....MK will be in her second ballet performance this weekend. We LOVE her ballet school. It is not all show and dance. It is basic teaching and their "recital" is an actual ballet production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
This year, MK is a Firefly. MK and I stayed to watch some of the dress rehearsal last night and she stated that the Fireflies were her favorite part of the show. I love that I have this girlie-girl! She is so excited!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

That is how I feel today.
My "healthy" kiddo has been blind as a bat for probably longer than I am willing to admit - poor guy, how many times can you say, "Mom, I can't see the...." Um, the answer is SEVERAL times and your mother STILL doesn't choose to listen. Yep. For truth, as MK likes to say. I didn't listen UNTIL we went to the dr for a check-up and they said, "Well, his vision is 20/80!" I STILL remained in denial until the actual eye doctor said, "Well, lets put it this way, if he were driving a car, you would not want to be his passenger." OK. And then, for a brief moment during the more intensive part of the examine, a wave of fear swept over me. What if his horrid eyesight was something more serious? What if? What if? What if? Ryan and I have never worn glasses. Why would our child need them? Thankfully, the fear was gone soon enough and we were whisked into the eyeglass store to try on glasses. Can I tell you that not only could my child not see, but his own mother LAUGHED when he tried on his first pair of glasses. Yep. Mother of the year :) I am blaming it on shock and anxiety.
He looks stunning. And older.
Also during his check-up, we were told to see a dermatologist. OK. He has this mole that I have asked and asked about and the dr. chose this particular visit to say, "You know, it is discolored and misshapen. He needs to be followed. And maybe have that one removed now."
OK. So we have glasses. We want contacts. The mole may need to be removed but he definitely needs to be seen. What else you ask? Well, his mouth. Orthodontia. To wait or not to wait. One ortho says wait. One ortho says act now, like yesterday now.
And all I am hearing is "Cha-ching, Cha-ching, Cha-ching...." just like the little old cash registers used to sound.
And then there is Maddox. If you know her, you know she is just precious. And yet, she struggles to get those words out. And, up until now, we have been so encouraged. And, truth be told, we are still encouraged yet we just have "those" days where we feel defeated. She is improving with speech yet it is no where near where it needs to be. Today, we were told we have 20 visits with our insurance for speech therapy. 20. When your child is seen three times a week, those 20 visits don't go far. So, we are spent. Of course, we will do what needs to be done to continue therapy but it just breaks my heart for her....she tries so hard and yet you can just see her deflate when she knows she isn't saying something the way it should be said. Surgery in the Fall might be an answer. Or more time. Or a combination.
Tonight the blog serves as my own pity party. Earlier today my mother served as my pity party. She graciously listened and said little. I needed that.
All will be well.
On happier notes, MK is busily preparing us all for the Roar Of Love ballet this weekend. She is making her stage appearance as a Firefly. The Roar is based on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and is a remarkable performance to see. I asked her tonight who she was standing beside in line and she said, "Well, you know, the one that is lower than me? That girl." Hmmm. The one that is "lower" meaning "shorter."
Pryce finished up his first official season of soccer. A few goals. Several good plays. Not too shabby for a first timer! On to baseball season....
C, well, as I typed up all of his recent woes, I have yet another to add.....ear infection. Today he complained of pain and much like I responded to his eyesight woes, I just told him it would feel better after a warm shower. Not so much. It is 10pm and Ryan is out searching the world over for ear numbing drops....
And, Maddox. Well, she had a mishap today. And lets just say that I am thankful for Babies R Us gift cards at the moment because we are in need of a "Maddox-sized" potty in our home. Poor baby girl fell in. I have potty trained four children thus far, one being my niece. Maddox Ren is my fifth and she is the first to fall in. Amazing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Forever WEEK

We thought it best to celebrate our family ALL week....and though we trudged forward with school and we readily attended games and practices and all the likes in between, we were able to find a bit of time for the fun times!
We began our week celebrating in true girl style with our smocked dresses on and pink flashing boots to accessorize.....only MK can get away with this particular look :)
Maddox LOVES frozen yogurt so frozen yogurt for lunch was a special treat....
Maddox's special day fell on our co-op day. She can often be found at co-op hanging with the little ones in her class....they play house two and three year old style and Maddox usually ends up being the baby.
Because our big girl is growing up, we chose a local little amusement/mini-golf venue to end our week. MK was in LOVE with the ladybug roller coaster.....
So much in love that she opted to ride all by herself before the end of the day.....
And she rode all by herself in the very first seat....brave girl.
Mini-golf was a fav for all involved....MK would do the cutest little, "yESSS!" while pumping her fist when the ball went into the hole - no matter if it went in after two putts or ten!
The boys are taking golf lessons and tried to perfect their putts during our game....
Meanwhile, after hitting her own few balls, little Maddox decided to play her own little balance game!