Wednesday, September 19, 2012

 Colin has taken a liking to kayaking.  He has even gone as far as to suggest he may want one as a gift for Christmas or his birthday, both months away. I just do not see me, my husband, and our four children driving around town in our minivan with a kayak attached to the hood.  However, it was a pleasure to see the surprise on C's face when he was told he would be kayaking on our local canal for the afternoon with his father.   They had a marvelous time!  Next up, family kayaking, stay tuned....
 With MK being in school, it makes for a lot of time for me to miss her!  Saturday was MK and mommy day so I could catch up with my sweet girl.  We began the day with a painting much fun to see MK create her very own owl.  She chose the colors, I gave her a paintbrush, and my budding artist was on her way.  
And Maddox....she is my only hope in Gamecock land.  She says, "Me no like tigers!" On another note, I had an interesting conversation with her last night at bedtime.  She asked, "Where is my grandmother? She in China?  I was a baby in China."  She continued, "My grandmother take me to the doctor and my Papa hold me when the doctor give me shots."  I asked her where the doctor was and she said, "My grandmother hold me at the hospital.  That where the doctor is."  Then I asked her if I was there and she said, "No, you not there.  I cry, cry, cry."  
Interesting.  She was 13 months old when she had her lip repaired in China.  We have a picture, which she has not seen since we came home, of her foster mother holding her at the hospital just before her surgery and one of her foster mother holding her the day they were leaving the hospital after her repair. Doubtful she remembers all of this yet chilling to me that she said all of this unsolicited.  I then switched from my cuddle time with Maddox to my cuddle time with MK, who had heard all of the above.  MK asks, "Did Maddox have two moms too?"  I said, "Well, actually she had three."  MK eyes got wide and she exclaimed, "THREE?!"  So I explained that she had a birth mom - the mom that gave her life; the foster mom - the one who took care of her until we came to get her; and me, her forever mom - the one who will love her forever and teach her how to live life.  MK said, "Well, that is neat, we both had three moms!"  Hmmmm.....I just keep thinking, wow, I wonder how this will all be retold on the playground.