Monday, September 14, 2015

One last jaunt to Seabrook Island was in order for our Labor Day weekend!  
Our kiddos wasted no time at all planning our days and putting in the lunch orders for the beach picnic that always occurs because no one is ready to call it a day or go in for a break!
This baby girl asks every day if we can go to the beach!  To think that just five months ago, we were having to literally peel her off of her brothers so that she would put her feet in the sand!  She has come a long way and is now another Drafts beach bum!
These three girls.  Where you see one, there is always another and where there are two, there are usually three.  MK is most always the leader and her two followers are never far behind.  
I pray their relationships thrive as they grow together.
Sisters by chance, friends by choice....this is a quote MK shared with me the other day.  
All six of my loves.  Football, sand and water, that is all we need.
Walking on water:)
More of following the leader....
Late one afternoon, the rain began to fall.  So, in order to entertain everyone, I suggested we play a family game.
Not sure why anyone even does this but nonetheless, we were equipped with a trashcan and some good tasting jelly beans to help us when we came upon "baby wipe" or "lawn clipping" jelly beans. 
And the beach is not the beach without a good bowl of ice cream!  Maryn eats hers best!
Labor Day was spent celebrating Jay-man turning 8.  Maryn loves time with Pop!
Jay-man was most impressed by his baseball cake and by the Nerf wars that took place for the better part of our stay.  All boy.
Gran and Pop wanted a "grans" picture....these two pics will forever be some of my favorites.
MK is not about attention.  And she shies away from most people, even my parents.  
My dad teases her and makes her laugh a lot.  He loves her deeply and just wants a good smile from her!  So he took this opportunity to sneak in a kiss.....she had no idea!
And then she did....and the whole room was full of laughter.  Even MK! 
Three baby girls.  Crazy how fast they are growing up!
And our whole handful....5 seems to be our magic number!
And this guy.  He supports us all, through the crazy and the crazier....we love you Ry!