Monday, March 7, 2016

My How February Flew By!

February began with a special night out for MK and her Daddy....
 there was all kinds of special treats on this evening including flowers and a dinner too!
 MK was radiant and had the most handsome date at the Father/Daughter dance.  From what I have been told, she chose to dance a bit with her dad and then ran around with all of her friends for the rest of the evening.  I am so proud of her!  She has had an amazing year at school!
 February also brought in the new year celebrations Chinese style!
 A local restaurant was gracious enough to help us host our CNY affair for the families with children from China.  This picture makes me laugh....Maryn was already gearing up to take the high road out!  She was not at all impressed by the dragon dancers....
 however, the rest of our crowd was taken with them and watched in amazement as they made their way around all of us.
 Once everyone had recovered, a group photo was many new faces this year and we are so happy they are here and home forever!
 Next up....MK's debut on a theatrical stage.  MK had a part in her 3rd grade play, Stone Soup.  Of course she handled this responsibility in stride and we were so proud of her!
 It really was a great performance and after seeing it twice, the songs kind of stuck in our heads for the rest of the week!
 And February also meant time on the courts for Colin.  Basketball is his favorite sport to play....
 and play he did, hard core!  They were second in their league and only lost one game!
 And February brought in a weekend spent in Atlanta.  We love experiencing new places with our children!  This year for Christmas, the children were gifted the experience of an Atlanta CityPass from their grandparents.  
 We cashed in on this and spent a weekend hopping from the aquarium to the Coke factory to the Atlanta Zoo to the College Football Hall of Fame to Fernbank to CNN....
 As always, it was great fun for all!  MK was especially taken with the panda exhibit at the zoo....
 the twins graced us with an appearance and we all agree they were pretty cute!
 Of course, the most fun was just being together.  We swam, we stayed up late, we ate cheesecake for dessert every night, we just go to relax and it was just what the doctor ordered for our crew!