Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013
This picture pretty much describes it all - there were a lot of smiles as they inspected the love shown upon them through their little Valentine surprises.  Narrating this photo - Maddox is going right for the sweetness on the table - powdered donuts; Pryce and Colin are having an animated discussion over the fact that they can finally watch Andy Griffith episodes, something they have been looking forward to for a while - these two always make me smile with the small things in life; and Mason-Kate - MK is thrilled to have received a bright light animal but mostly she is excited to go to school on this particular day because she was assigned class leader for the day, the best duty in the class!
 As an added bonus, the boys and I took the day off from school and headed down to our local Veterans Hospital to visit with wounded soldiers - a very eye-opening experience for the three of us.  And then a Valentine lunch with friends followed by a party with Maddox's class and lastly a cupcake delivery to MK's class!  
 With the day still young, we met our biggest Valentine for dinner and then we all divided up and headed out for the evening - girls with their daddy to get their nails done and some other special stops along the way; boys with their mom to the WinterJam concert in town.  Fabulous day/night had by all!
 The weekend arrived and we began it by celebrating one of Maddox's favorite friends, Mary Cathryn.  Build A Bear was the place to be!
 Once again we are full fledge into Bible Thrills season with church.  C, P and MK are participating this year though only the oldest two will actually compete.  It truly is a sight to see children ages 8-11 given a verse and asked to find it in the Bible in less than 10 seconds.....and even more so, the youth have a mere 7 seconds.  Amazing.
 Bright and early Monday morning, MK and I set out to join her Girl Scout troop on their endeavor to sell the most Girl Scout cookies ever!  There was some dancing and some shouting and some coloring - and, thankfully, some selling but mostly I think there was a lot of fun!
 Fast forwarding to Friday.  Friday, Maddox and I began our day with some very special friends painting treasures and then it was off to lunch to finish off our lovely time together.  Please note, Maddox's lunch was chips, yogurt and a big Easter egg cookie - such nutrition:)
And just like that, the week ended, the children are off with their grandparents for the weekend and Ryan and I will be acting like we are in college again as we enjoy some down time just hanging out together.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Favs
Farkle. Reeses Smores.  Living room campouts.  Sunrise Grill.  Birthday parties.  Cinderella.  Trampoline football.  Homemade pizza.  Spoons.  Andy Griffith.