Saturday, September 5, 2015

The "Giraffes"
Our name is so simple.  Drafts.  However, when you say it, no one seems to get it.  They are always asking to please spell our name.  When picking up pictures one day, the lady looked and looked for my pictures and could not find them anywhere.  I noticed she was looking in the "G" folder and the problem was solved when I told her to look in the "D" folder - Drafts, not Giraffes.
When I was doing reading recovery with a student one day, I was wearing a giraffe pin.  The child said, "Hey, your pin is just like your name! Giraffe!"
And, our kiddos' friends.  "Mrs. Giraffes" and "Mr. Giraffes" are what we respond to.
So, it was only fitting that we take a pic under this lovely giraffe!