Friday, February 6, 2015

Saying Goodbye

In all of my sadness, I have been comforted in knowing that my Nannie would not have lived her life differently.  94 years is a feat in and of itself, and to live that long and still have your mind in tact is a blessing.  She lived a good life and it makes me so proud to tell others she was my grandmother.
She lived all 94 years surrounded by love from family.  Whether it was my Papa or her five children or her sisters or brothers or grandchildren or great-grandchildren or the many, many extended family, she was loved on until the very end.  
She loved my children and I am so thankful for the time that she had with them.  They knew her.  They loved her.  They mourn her loss.  She is my one grandparent that got to see my dream of being a mom to a large family come true!  She adored all five of my kiddos.  
She was referred to as the "matriarch" of the family.  She was the Queen.  She loved to laugh.  And when she laughed, others joined in - it was contagious.  She would "get so tickled" - her words for laughter.  
A few things that will always make me think of her first.....Alabama, Little Drummer Boy, speeding ticket - I may have acquired one with her in the car and her response to the officer was quite memorable, "the machine" aka computer, the word "yes" because I am pretty sure she never told me "no," ripples in the water, Braves baseball, chocolate....
five children....she had five too!
I already miss our visits with her.  If ever there was a stretch of time that we did not see Nannie, the children would always ask when we could go visit.  They loved to go and see Nannie.....the boys would play the piano and Nannie would get lost in their music....she would always give them her bingo winnings, we would take her to lunch or just hang out in her room with a Chick Fil A meal, one of her favorites!

The smell of my Nannie's house is one that will forever be ingrained in me.  It was the smell of fresh baked biscuits, macaroni and cheese, caramel cake, bread pudding, southern style vegetables, chicken, ham, jelly was the smell that surrounded us growing up, a smell that reminds me of the thrill she got out of seeing her family eat well, it was her way of serving others,  her happy place.
My nannie loved me.  I know I held a special place in her heart.  As a young child, I spent a lot of time with her and it was that time that created the bond between us.  As I got older, the bond grew.  She took care of me, worried over me.  I often tease my cousins and tell them that I am and always have been her favorite.....and my cousins and I would always tease her about who was her favorite....she loved us all dearly and I am glad we made her laugh with our antics.  
So thankful for this woman and the 41 years I was given with her!