Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve. Slower pace. Traditional trip out to breakfast with the kiddos. Talked with an old acquaintance about adoption, praying for her family. The children spent time outside with friends. Went to see the Best Christmas Pageant Ever - a family favorite! Finally, time for church. The children kept saying, "Wow! Today has flown by. I thought it was going to take forever to go by!"
Then it was home, a visit from a good friend, annual pajama/book opening, the reading of the Christmas Story and.....
a different little treat. Because my parents were not with us this year, my father recorded Twas the Night Before Christmas for the children to listen to on Christmas Eve before bed. In years past, he has always been with us for the reading so the book. Following the story and prayers, the kiddos all tucked in snuggly to their beds for the evening - all in the boys' room. MK in her sleeping bag, Maddox in her pack-n-play, the boys in their own beds and Finley amongst them all! Last year Colin had such a hard time going to sleep on Christmas Eve, to the point that I actually felt sorry for him. This year he swore off sweets and soft drinks throughout the day hoping to divert any emerging sleeping problems in the evening. It worked, he was able to go to sleep and awoke stating he couldn't believe how well he slept.
Good morning! Before long, there were loud and excited squeals from the stairs! Maddox just took it all in! The children all ran into the living room jumping for joy and grabbing this and that and jumping all around with excitement. Maddox grabbed one baby doll and held it as she just stared blankly at her siblings who were acting a bit out of the ordinary :)
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care....and then appropriately emptied within a matter of milliseconds!
Before long, it was time to give the new wheels a spin - who needs clothes???!!!
I loved the look of pure joy as the children unwrapped their gifts. There were a lot of "wants" that were given as well as a few surprises. The best part was hearing them tell one another thank you and give hugs! LOVE!
This pic pretty much sums MK's day up....she has wished for an umbrella since this time last year; her blue eye shadow was applied every hour on the hour from the time the gift was received - one can never have on quite enough ;); her daddy gave her a "music box" that she absolutely adores - we have heard the song play over and over and over and over and the little ballerina figurine just dances and dances inside; and the shoes, well, one can never have enough!
Last Christmas Eve, we went to bed as Maddox was awakening on Christmas Day in China. And then when we awoke on Christmas morning, she was going to bed, without us, us without glad she is home with us this year! She sang with me at church, she clapped for the children in the play, she loved unwrapping gifts, and all the while, she would come over and give hugs and kisses!
Throughout the day, we opened gifts. And played with new toys. And took a little nap. And watched some home movies.
Ryan gave me a set of dvds. The dvds were family movies from when the boys were much younger. The quote of the day goes to MK. While watching Colin get cleaned up after his birth, MK proclaimed, "Well, I am just glad I was not born of the tummy!"
It was a pj day in our home. Well, for most of us anyway. One of the girls did get dressed and the other decided to not wear any clothes at all!
This was Christmas Eve! The children were so excited. And happy. And they even agreed to take a pic under the tree.....
and then this happened! They love a good funny shot! Merry Christmas 2011!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Adam

Christmas Adam has been dubbed the day before the day before Christmas. Christmas Adam, Christmas Eve, Christmas.
Christmas Adam began with Matthew who suggested in his own little elfish way that we bake the day away. So, we did. We began with pancakes and the works, concocted reindeer food and ended with cookies for Santa and gingerbread houses for fun!
MK was first to make her reindeer food. The more the glitter, the better for her :)

Each child decorated a cookie for Santa.....Colin, a Christmas tree; Pryce a snowman with candy cane arms and a candy corn nose; MK - her was an assortment, I know the yellow Spree was to be a star and the pretzels were to be arms, and from there it is a toss up :); Maddox ate her cookie she made for Santa - no real surprise there! So I threw in my own rendition of a sugar cookie reindeer.
The children were so precise on their decor. They worked together. The boys on one house, the girls on the other. I am most positive that MK got the raw end of this deal. Maddox could be seen eating on the job. In fact, she was caught quite a few times taking her decor, smearing it through the icing on the house and then licking the icing off! Ewww.
The boys were quite meticulous. They drew up their plan and never looked back.
With MK on the job, the girls' house had potential.
Meanwhile, on the other side - notice the cookie in Maddox's mouth!
The boys.
The girls.

All done. All happy and sugared up. Love these four guys!