Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quote of the week goes to Colin.....after spending an afternoon in the car going to and fro from this activity to that activity with his adorable little sisters, Colin looked at me and very seriously asked if I thought any children came with a mute button.

Maddox was a close second....I was laying with her for a bit one night while putting her to bed.  I told her I thought she should close her eyes and go to sleep.  She said, "I sorry, Mommy, but my eyes want to wake up!"

And MK always has something matter of fact to say.....she and a friend were discussing swimming.  MK's friend said she did not like swim lessons.  MK asked her why.  The friend said that she was afraid of drowning.  MK shrugged her shoulders and said, "Drowning?  What's so bad about that?"

It has been a full week once again!  Loving every.single.minute!  Highlights include C's basketball game in which he scored a few points for the team - YAY!; basketball practice beginning for P - glad to see him working with good coaching mentors; swimming; ballet; box seats for our holiday favorite A Christmas Carol - thank you to a sweet former teacher to the boys who made this happen!; and pics to come of C's Christmas semi-formal - LOVE!