Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Random Thoughts

I loved seeing the first day of school pictures posted by everyone on Facebook.  My poor children.  I am most positive there is not a single "first day of school" picture of them except for the day they have gone to Kindergarten.  After that, it just has not happened.  And the cute signs, oh my word,....LOVE them, but, again, they did not make the cut.  For this, children, I apologize.  Please be sure to take pictures of my grandchildren on their first days of school and send them to me:)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time the past two weeks with my children.  Don't get me wrong, I adore them all the time but there has been something in the air these last two weeks that just seems to click.  We actually began school last week.  An eighth grader, a fifth grader, a first grader, and a preschooler, all under one roof doing school.  It has been beautiful.  If you know me well, you know that reading has never been my favorite past time.  If a book does not catch my attention right away, I typically do not finish it.  However, my absolute favorite thing to do with my children each day is reading to them.  Every morning at breakfast and most days for lunch, we gather around our kitchen table and as they eat their meal, I read.  We are currently on the story of George Muller.  We reach a point where I am so into the story that I am begging them to let me keep reading.
Not only do I read to the four of them each day, I have started reading a chapter book to the girls before their resting time.  Our book of choice right now is Charlotte's Web.  And everyday, around 2:00, the girls and I all squeeze into my big chair in the living room to read a few chapters.  Before long, Maddox is fast asleep as I continue to read to MK.  I love this little one and her cuddly little ways.

And during the past two weeks, I have thought more and more about our newest little one.  Partly because we are so close to finishing our paperwork and partly because I followed the blog of a friend who recently visited China on a mission trip.  If you want to read an incredible story, visit her blog at  It is raw.  There just simply aren't enough hands to care for these children nor are there enough voices to advocate for these orphans who desperately need medical intervention.  And though I have prayed and prayed for our girl, my mind is never far from wondering if she is being held and loved and is troubling to think that my daughter is fending for herself, fighting for her life.
While we wait, we are faced with a minor challenge at home.  A name.  Gentry is my middle name, a family name, my great-grandmother's maiden name.  And we settled in on the name Mary-Gentry.  But Ryan doesn't want a hyphen.  So then we threw out another name, Maryn, pronounced much like Karen but with a M.  Maryn Gentry.  Ryan likes Maryn.  I like them both.  Three of our four children like both.  Our oldest has said no to we have chosen.  He says that when we come up with a "good" name, he will like it.  Sigh.

Fall sports are here and I have one pumped up little guy!  Pryce will be playing football for the first time ever!  He is elated!  I, on the other hand, am not so sure that I am cut out to be a football mom....seeing my baby get "pulvarized," as Colin likes to call it, is just not on my priority list.  Hoping it is everything he dreams it to be!  He was thrilled the first night of practice when he was assigned the right tackle position - this was the position my father played in high school and college!

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Girls

Maddox, age 4, and MK, age 6.
I remember very clearly when the boys were these same ages.  Their games of police and bus driver, they were inseparable and their ideas and laughter were endless.
My girls are the same way.
They begin each day waiting for the other one to wake up.  And then the games begin!  Currently I am listening to them play.  We SHOULD be doing school according to our daily schedule.  However, I am  caught in listening to their tales of play.  Maddox just announced to her Mommy, aka MK, that she is going to go to Africa to pick up her baby, Candy Bar.
Goldilocks is in the game too.  Goldilocks, MK's beloved Asian Carolle doll with jet black hair.
And MK has gone from being Mommy to being "Dr. Mei-Mei."
And shots are being administered.  And awards are being promised for the "most obedient."
And laughter ensues.
And I am left here smiling knowing that memories are being made.