Friday, August 10, 2012

Our week at a glance....Monday and Tuesday were spent much like our weekend for MK, on the couch.  She colored, drank all of the sweet tea her little tummy could take, we painted nails, she watched TV, she made jewelry....and all the while, she never once complained of pain.  She has been such a little trooper so long as no one asks about her injury.  If someone asks about her toe, she immediately turns up her nose at them.  I am guessing she is embarrassed???  Monday afternoon we were able to go and visit MK's teacher, see her classroom and tour her school.  Though she is very familiar with all of the above, it was nice to share this time with her and see her little eyes light up when we peaked in the various rooms she will be using during her school days.  
 On Tuesday, the boys officially began school for the 2012-2013 school year.  They really are great students and children - no complaints from school so far:)  Co-op began on Tuesday as well.  Again, we are so thankful for our co-op.  Though it can be a lot at times, it is so nice to have like-minded people to share successes and trials with....I love knowing that I am "not the only one." 
 This week proved to be a TV week.....rather, it really proved to be an Annie week.  I LOVE Annie and I love that my girls love Annie.  I know we have watched this movie sometimes twice in one day during the last week!  Maddox loves to tell me, "Mommy, Miss Hannagan is mean, mean, mean, right?"  
 If you look closely, you will notice what happens when you leave a three year old and a five year old inside with make-up and mirrors while you clean out the garage.  Thankfully, I put a blanket down just in case:)
 On Thursday, my sister, niece and nephew came to visit us for the day.  What fun the cousins have when they are together!  We were all in a celebratory mood for many reasons.  One, MK had gotten a great report on Wednesday during her visit to the orthopedist.  He cleared her to walk and said her toe was healing nicely.  She will begin school on Monday and she could not be more thrilled!  Second, we celebrated Maddox turning 3.  She was given the cutest little ladybug costume ever!  Absolutely precious.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


MK:  "I know one Chinese word."
Me:  "Wow, you do.  What is it?"
MK  "Hola!"

My favorite Maddox word is "fridger"....she will tell me to put her chocolate milk in the fridger....

And I love to hear Maddox sing Tomorrow....."Toooomorryo, tooomorryo, I lub ya, tomorryo...."

We received a call from our pediatrician's office checking on MK.  The nurse is fabulous and makes me feel as if we are all family when I speak with her. Anyway, the official diagnosis of MK's toe read "complicated laceration of the toe".....yep, it was nothing shy of complicated.

The boys have begun football training in our backyard. At the ages of 10 and 12, they are wanting definition and tone - love it! And they are banning the consumption of all carbonated drinks during the week which is challenging me to drink a smaller dose of Coke products each day aka no daily drinks from Target which equals saving money.  When I announced that I was planning to join their health binge, C exclaimed, "But Mom, I like that the Target employees know me by name and they already know my order before I say what I would like!"  Again, quitting will be a good thing:)

Yesterday the children, minus Maddox, and I watched ET and ate Reeses Pieces.  Pryce asked, "When was this movie even made?"  and C responded, "It had to have been in the 1800s, look at the cars."  I felt so young:/