Saturday, October 24, 2015

This Fall has brought on so many good changes in our lives!  One huge change and asset is the Mohr family.  We first met the Mohrs in China.  They were traveling to bring home their daughter Chloe and we were traveling to bring home MK.
Our first glimpse of their family was in Tokyo and we have been like family ever since.  This past summer, they had a job opportunity here.  One thing led to another and now they are our neighbors!  We are thrilled to have them with us doing life! 
 MK and Chloe love having each other....they go to school together and come home together, they play together and have sleep overs, they giggle the best giggles and they....well, they get that brothers sometimes have their own ideas on how things should look!  
Fall also brought us the opportunity to see my Christina.  Christina is so dear to me.....she was 8 when we first met and I can still recall that first day together, her on the playground so excited to meet me - me in college and her in second grade.  We were fast friends and I haven't gone a day without thinking of her since.  So thankful for her!  
And the gift of neighbors.  Nancy and Marion were our neighbors in Boston.  Marion has family in SC so each year we have the pleasure of seeing them when they come to visit his family.  We love this time together!
One more zoo pic....Maddox climbed up and wanted a pic with Mr. Fox.
EEKKK!!!  My favorite boys all in one pic....all four of these men are the best!  My dad graciously did a BBQ fundraiser to help Pryce and me come up with the remaining funds for our trip to China.  We raised every penny needed for our trip and now the countdown has begun.  T minus 12 days and we are off!  
This girl.  Sending her to school this year was by far the best decision we have made.  She is THRIVING and we love seeing her love for school and her friends and her fabulous teachers.  They have all played a part in making 3rd grade a success, and for this, we are so thankful!  
Colin is thriving as well.  His start was a bit bumpier.  He didn't love it.  In fact, he hated it.  He didn't know anyone in the school of 1500 kids....he was swimming upstream for the first month.  BUT, time has been on his side and, though he doesn't love being there, he is tolerating it as most teenagers do.  And he is doing well academically and socially!
He obtained an academic letter this past week for making all As last year!  While he enjoyed cake and soda, Ryan and I enjoyed seeing him honored among the top 15% of the school population in academic excellence!
So we go from high school excellence to preschool Fall happenings....
our two littlest pumpkins visited the pumpkin patch at their school this week....pumpkins, treats and a hayride were on the agenda!
Maddox is so excited to go to school each day.  She loves her teacher and her friends....two girls and a whole lot of boys in her class!  They are all so sweet and the stories we hear each day are fabulous!  
Random Maryn....each night she is granted a few moments of Ipad time in our bed before she goes to sleep for the night.  On this night, we came in to find her watching Barney....and she had curled her hair!  
Family getaways are our favorite times!  On this day, we escaped the madness of everyday life and schedules, and we took on the Great Wolf Lodge!
The girls and the boys were thrilled....time away, time with family, time to ourselves....
this is what happens when you are the forgets your PJs so you sleep in your big brother's tshirt and you get to drink the last drop of Coke because it's just what the littlest is allowed to do!  
We swam and swam and played all day and night!  
The added bonus was meeting Emma, Jay, Uncle Bert and Aunt Nellie there too!  Super fun times and great memories made!