Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fundraising Thoughts


I believe 110% in fundraising.

Several years ago, I had a friend approach me and ask if she could assist us with expenses for our second adoption.  What I took from this was that some people genuinely love adoption just as I do but cannot, for whatever reason, pursue an adoption themselves.  People give to charities all the time, giving to an adoption is investing in a life, a child’s life....and, even more, when you donate or participate in an adoption fundraiser, you are not only giving dollars to benefit a child, you are immediately a part of that child’s story forever.  YOU are making an impact on a life.  

Fundraising does SO much more than just raise money.  The biggest component in fundraising is AWARENESS.  A friend does a fundraiser, you help spread the word....not only did you ask someone to attend an event to help your friend raise funds, you just introduced your friend to adoption and the importance of supporting those who are choosing to adopt.  Not everyone is called to adopt.  Not everyone can adopt.  But EVERYONE can support those who are.  A financial donation is fabulous.  Prayer is even more wonderful. The support means the world!  

Fundraising is hard.  Fundraising is asking for help, which is not easy for most people to do.  Fundraising is exciting....seeing others get excited about helping you do something dear to your heart is amazing.  Children are precious and there is nothing more important than investing in the life of a child.

Clarks Hill Christmas Tree Farm

The Fabulous Five take on Clarks Hill Christmas Tree Farm
A Family Tradition
 "How about this one?" must have been heard over a thousand times a minute.  When you have five children and they are all searching for the perfect tree, you hear this question quite a bit....
 and while some of the children are anxiously helping to determine if said tree is just the right fit, other children are just hanging out being silly.....
 the one picture that I asked for.....getting them all to look one direction and actually smile can be a challenge at times with five....however, add in a little candy as an incentive, and all are more than willing to participate.
 The annual tree hug.....the boys have done this since they were super little when their hands barely touched the chosen tree.  Now, they are almost able to do wrap their arms around it!
 Everyone needed to watch the "timber" process......
 and then it was on to bigger and better things!
 Sprite drinking....
 I love this picture...this little one has to make sure she got it all!
 Christmas Tree cakes
 And our game of hide-and-seek between the trees!
 Everyone enjoys this the most!
 And this year, Maryn wasn't on a hip.....she was right in the middle of it all helping to look for her siblings....
 and yelling, "Where dey at?" throughout the game.....notice Pryce behind her!  She was looking for him!
 Some of us really benefit from our bendable body when we need to squeeze into a small place:)
 Others use the bending technique to look under the tree to see where their hunter is.....
 but sometimes the "it" person sneaks up on you even when you think you have it all under control!
 A great day at the farm!  All was merry and bright until someone's no-napping caught up with her!  Bless.  

Sunday, December 6, 2015


After touring the gardens and surrounding area in the morning, we enjoyed a fabulous American meal at an American restaurant and savored every.single.bite.  Our first night in Shanghai, Pryce was not feeling so well.  He made up for it all by inhaling hamburger sliders!  
With good food in our tummies, we were all geared up for the remainder of our afternoon which included going up into the Shanghai World Financial Center.  The Shanghai World Financial Center, at one time, was the tallest building in the world.  
 We boarded an elevator that took us up in what seemed like a second flat!  The floor at the top is glass so you can look straight down at the little cars and people and buildings below.  And it was swaying:/  
 The Oriental Pearl Tower
 Ryan has now informed me that he watched a documentary on the Shanghai World Financial Center and the reason for the hole in the top is so that it will not fall down.....glad to know that now and not before!  We were in that hole at the top!
This particular ad was one for a two patty burger topped with sausage links??? 
 Noah and his beloved bed....he is very proud of having his own bed in a room with his foster brother that overlooks the city of Shanghai.  After a day full of sightseeing, it was time to say goodnight and goodbye to this little guy and his foster family.  What a privilege it was to have the opportunity to visit with all of them!
 We were up and at the airport by 7:00am the next morning to begin our journey home.  At this point, Pryce and I had this traveling thing down....
We began in Shanghai, flew to Beijing and met up with our team, boarded our flight home, emergency medical landing in Anchorage, Alaska for two hours, landed in Dallas, nightmare running through the airport trying to catch the next flight possible for us to get home, exhausted.  We were all done.  And we were told only 5 of the 11 remaining members of our team could board the flight home....the rest of us would spend the night in Dallas.  So, we suited up, put a thankful smile on our face, and ate a huge meal on the airlines tab, checked into a hotel on the airlines tab, slept for a few hours, got up and FINALLY made it home 48 hours later.  
 And these three were over the moon excited to see their mommy and big brother!
 And this little one was all done.  All was right in her world....all of us under one roof again made for a great night of rest!