Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Swim League

Summer swim.....
 Our first year in back in Georgia occurred in 2005.  That year, our neighborhood began participating in the local summer swim league.  Colin was 5.  And he could swim.  We decided to give the team a whirl.  First day of practice, the coach looks at all of the many excited children and says, "Ok, show me what you can do!"  And with that, children jumped in one by one and swam to the other side of the pool - except C.  C chose to hang out on the sidelines and tell the other children how to swim, how to jump in, he told them everything they were doing wrong.....he was quite the assistant coach:)  However, there was no way C was going to jump in the water and swim to the other side.  No way.  So we quit.  It is honestly the only time I have let my child just quit yet it was a wise decision.  
 These days, swim team is not an option in our is a must.  It is good for them.  Good for us.  Colin and Pryce have done summer league for four years; MK is on year two.  
 MK - our determined little one:)  This season she learned to stream line, dive off the block, perfected her back stroke, smoked in her free style and even competed with the 8 and Under crowd in favorite comment from her was when I asked her one morning if she wanted to go to practice and she said, "Well, I don't care.  I mean, you can throw me in there if you want to!  I like it!" 
She made the Allstar Team which consists of the top 20 times in her age group (6 and Under) in our entire area, a total of  21 teams with, I am guessing, somewhere close to 100 swimmers....she was one of three five year olds to compete in this event - everyone else was 6.   A pretty substantial accomplishment.
 P - the swimmer who always could.  Pryce is an all-natural water boy.  He loves everything about a pool.  He is our child that will ask in January when the pool is going to open.  The year after C walked away from the swim team, P decided he wanted to join....and with this, C wanted to try it again as well.  Pryce is quite the relay racer....always the encourager, always pushing his group forward.
 And then there is C.  C began the summer swim season in a foul mood.  He was quite unhappy with me because I basically did not give him a choice in whether he was going to swim or, he joined with a long face.  One week into the practices, and he was coming home laughing and telling me the stories of practice.....and I knew he was having a good time.  Then, he was asked to race on a relay team that was full of top scoring kiddos....C was all in and he hasn't looked back!  Not only did he come out all smiles at the end of the season, he has asked to participate in the year round swim program - LOVE this idea for him!
We are so proud of all three of our swimmers!  And our team. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Beach - Part 2

On Monday afternoon, our much anticipated visitors arrived and the fun continued!  The children all took less than five minutes to get acquainted and then we did not see them again unless we were eating, applying sunscreen or saying goodnight.
 The girls were amazing together!  I suspected that MK would be a bit shy or slow to warm up to C but, oh my, was I wrong!  It truly was breathtaking to see these two together....they did not miss a beat.
 And the boys?  Well, when the boys were not absorbed in the crafting of Mindcraft, they were busy throwing the coolest little ball ever across the ocean....
 and there was the afternoon we rented a boat and explored the waters surrounding Seabrook Island.....
 one seaman was a bit hesitant about our adventure but thankfully he warmed up quickly to the idea and soon enough he was kicking back with the rest of us and enjoying the ride....
 we ventured off into a cove and spotted a lot of dolphins....the two most impressive dolphin sightings were seeing a mother and a baby dolphin jumping side by side, simultaneously - very cool; and then we observed dolphins tossing fish ashore and then the dolphins would flop up on shore to eat the fish - again, very cool.
 At one point, I decided it would be a great idea to jump out and swim - hmmm, note to self, must check current before doing this one again!  Maddox, myself and K all jumped overboard without really giving this act much thought....laughter was key as we drifted further and further away from the boat:) 
 Shell finding was a key activity for the girls....and once you find the special shells, one must wash said shells - a perfect activity for two perfect little girls.
 And our littlest one....well, she hung in there....I told Ryan she now yells quite frequently, "Hey! Stop! Wait me!"  
 And keeping up can be quite a tiresome job so when she wasn't full speed ahead, she was all zonked out!
 We were able to pry ourselves away from the beach for a short trip into Charleston for dinner....Bubba Gump was on their minds though I am thinking Bubba would be quite offended that both of my boys ordered PIZZA (and for the record, there was no shrimp topping!).
 Our week together could not have been more pleasant.  From the weather to the dining to the discussions and everything in between - just perfect!
 And to think it is all because of the lives of these two beautiful little girls!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beach - Part 1

This year we decided to change things up a bit and head south for Seabrook Island versus our usual jaunt north to the NC mountains to celebrate the July 4th holiday.  
 A huge thank you to our sister/sister-in-law, Rachel, who willingly went to pick up the boys from Camp St. Christopher located at Seabrook on Friday.  Ryan, the girls and I arrived late in the afternoon on Friday and we could not have been happier to have our family together again after one whole week of sleeping under two different roofs!  The boys had many stories to share....their favorites of camp were undoubtedly the food and a new game called Capture the proud of them for showering each day, brushing their teeth and using their sunscreen! :)
 Mason-Kate did not waste a bit of time getting settled into her oceanside groove....she was quite the princess with her legs up, feet soaking, and water sipping.
 Meanwhile, Maddox had other ideas on how one is to relax by the sea.
 Either way, the girls had no qualms with the sand bathing they took turns taking part was quite the mess yet they had so much fun!
 This trip to Seabrook began with friends and ended with friends.....
our former neighbors in Massachusetts made a side trip to Charleston on Saturday to be with us for dinner that evening.  What a fabulous way to begin our week at Seabrook!  

A Tale Of Two Girls

Five years ago, on two cold wintry nights just fourteen days apart, two beautiful baby girls were born and their lives together began....they heard each others first cries, they breathed the same air, they likely heard each others first laughs, they endured their first surgery together.....for fourteen months, they patiently waited together for their forever families.
Then, on March 17, 2008, these two baby girls were placed into the welcoming arms of their forever families at the same time.....we all heard their first babbles as we anxiously piled off of the elevator.....and then, at the same time, we saw their sweet little faces.  Both girls were cruising around, looking curiously at the two families that were to become theirs.  
Their walk continues.  It has been three years since these two have been together.  Five minutes into their visit, and they seemed as if they had been together just yesterday.  Side by side they stayed all week long, giggling, playing, favorite comment I overheard was when MK proclaimed, "Hey, we even laugh the same!"
The monumental moment came when it was time to say our goodbyes.  MK is not our hugging child.  She hugs the five of us openly but the line is drawn when she is asked to hug another child or even her grandparents - she may do the lean in, you hug me stance but her arms are by her side.  As her forever friend was leaving, MK hesitated when hugs were being dealt.  And then it happened, she grabbed C with all of her might and hugged her tight.  A friend for life.  So happy their journey together continues.