Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter 2016 - Part 2

Prior to the Roar of Love, the kiddos did an Easter egg hunt was a bit wet outside:/
 Pop spent a few moments reading with Maryn - or, rather, Maryn was telling him the stories as she understood them.
 And the bigs traded candy....
 I am just not sure how people do Easter pics.  Seriously.  We tried.  I gave up.  And this happened....
 This is the best "real" pic we got....and there were SOOO many taken but gracious people who offered along the way at church....bless.
 Mommy and her girls....
Sisters are the best!
 My three favorite boys!

Roar of Love 2016

Seven years ago, I fell in love with the Roar of Love ballet.  Columbia County Ballet has been a valued part of our girls' lives as they grow into young ladies.  The Roar serves as their "recital" each year and we love every thing about it!  
This year, Ryan came back as Father Christmas.
 Our Snow Chrystal
 Our Pony
 Our delicate Cherub
 This little one, who sometimes isn't totally onboard with leaving her mommy, had no problems jumping onto the stage!
 She was thrilled and I would be lying if I said tears weren't involved - MY tears!  She was precious!
 Our little Cherub.  I know I didn't see another little on onstage while she danced.  She was wonderful!
 ***These are dress rehearsal pics so not everyone is in full costume***
The Cherub cast
 And then came Father Christmas and the Ponies
 Our sweet Maddox was given the Diamond Bottle to be in charge of delivering to Lucy during their scene....
 I still haven't mastered photography but this is Madd dashing across the stage with the bottle....
 And she delivered it safely with her best pony stance to boot!
 The ponies...the costume for these little ones is a favorite!
 Ryan looks so good all made up!
 At last, our Snow Chrystal
So thankful for sweet ballet friends like Caroline!
 I wasn't able capture any pics at all of MK during dress rehearsal....but I got this one walking in and it is a favorite!
 And I snagged this one during the show with my phone....she was a amazing!
 MK has been loved on by these two sweet ladies all year at thankful we are for both of them and their love for our girl!
 And Chloe!  We love having Chloe and her family here with us!  
 Maryn was not 100% onboard with her made-up daddy!
 Some of our favorites!  
 Gran, Pop, Aunt Nellie, Emma, and Jay made the trip to Augusta to cheer on our crew!  And Pryce jumped in too!  Sadly, Colin was away at a tennis tournament and missed our fun-filled day!
 A mommy and her girls.....cannot wait to have all four of my girls with us for the production next year!
 Until next year....
Oh, how I love these three girls!  

Easter 2016 - Part 1

Easter 2016
Dying Easter eggs is so much more fun with friends so we invited some of our favorites over....
and because the girls were in charge, they may have successfully dyed every.last.egg...
thankfully, the brothers came up and posed for a pic.
Easter egg hunts were next up....
school offered our first opportunity and Maryn was so excited!
She proudly counted out 12 eggs to take home!
By the time I got over to Maddox's class hunt, they were all done and posing for pictures!  They had a great morning of hunting and a school picnic.
Good Friday was spent with this great group of people!  
The girls were totally up for the challenge of hunting Easter eggs for a second time....
and though Maryn may have dropped a few as she ran holding her basket a little sideways, she came home with a basket full of goodies!
A wonderful time spent with these two littles!