Tuesday, September 23, 2014

3 Months of Forever

Maryn Gentry, I want you to know how much we love watching you grow.  Three months of forever looks good on you!  
 You are a mover and a shaker.  Three months ago, we took you in our arms and whisked you into the bright sunshine for the very first time in your life.  23 months old, and you had never been outside.  Now, you are so terribly sad when you have to come inside after playing outside. The grass was not something you enjoyed at first.  Yet, today, you walk freely on the grass with or without shoes!  Over the weekend I took you out into the drizzling rain.  You held out your hands as if you were trying to catch the raindrops and you "ooohhhed" and "ahhhed" and giggled as it fell into your palms.  It occurred to me that this was the first time you had experienced rainfall.
 You are so sweet!  You love to hug on your babies.  You give kisses freely to us.  You say all of our names.  Today I called, "Colin....Colin...." and your sweet voice echoed mine saying, "Col-win....Col-win...."  We are all smitten with your sweetness and take every opportunity to hug you tight!
 Last week we decided the time had come for you to transition into going to bed by yourself.  You are quite pitiful during this task.  You scream. Your lungs serve you well.  Your siblings cave.  Specifically, Maddox.  
Maddox cannot take it - hearing you cry makes her so sad.  So, she decided last week to sneak into your room and have a tea party with you.  This made you so very happy!  
And then there was yesterday.  Yesterday you cried and cried.  I walked in your room to assure you that you were ok and that made you even more mad.  I sighed and went downstairs to read with MK.  It's what we do each day - you nap, Maddox looks at books on her bead, and I read with MK after lunch.  Yesterday was different.  Thirty minutes later, I climbed the stairs to Maddox's room to get her for speech.  I was surprised she was not on her bed.  And she wasn't on the floor.  In fact, as it turns out, she wasn't even in her room!  She was with you.  Asleep.  In your room, on your bed, with you all curled up on top of her sound asleep as well!  
 The past two Sundays you have been going to the church nursery for the first hour.  You are not so sure about this arrangement but you tolerate it with snacks and rides in the stroller up and down the hallway.  You are adjusting and we are so thankful for the kind hearts that care for you during this hour.  They are the same sweet group of people who cared for Maddox when she was adjusting and we have faith that you will do just fine!
You are growing, Maryn.  In fact, your Aunt Nellie (Kellie) noted how you had grown since she saw you just a few weeks ago.  Your recent check-up noted that you have grown 3 inches and gained 2 lbs!  Amazing.  You are funny about food.  We have found that you will eat something for a day or two and then not want anything to do with it again.  You came to us eating bananas and broccoli - now, you won't touch either!  You do love to feed yourself and you like this activity no matter how messy you may become.  And you love your chocolate milk.  And ice cream:)
We love you to pieces, Maryn, and we are so thankful for the light that you have brought into our family!  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy 80 years young to these two!  
We enjoyed a fun-filled evening with Ryan's siblings and their children celebrating G-Mom and G-Dad's 80th birthdays! 
This little one weathered a HOT day at her brother's baseball practice - the glasses were a big help!
Though we live in Georgia, none of us pull for the Bulldogs....so, on this day, the girls donned themselves in full-blown Gamecock attire and supported our number one team!
Ms. Carol came for a visit to bring some special bows for our precious Maryn!  Of course, the big sisters were all about "sharing" said bows.  We have known Carol and her family since Colin was born 14 1/2 years ago!  We are so thankful for her and her guidance through the years as well as the many bows and hair accessories she has provided for our girls!  
Look who found her Barbie jeep and is on the road again!  Maryn wasn't totally sold on the idea but she held on tight as Maddox whipped the jeep around our backyard....Maddox was yelling, "Maryn, HOLD ON!"
That is right, Maryn, hold on....one never knows what our little Maddox is going to do next!