Saturday, December 1, 2012

The day after Thanksgiving, we were invited to spend some time with family and friends at my brother's new lake house.
 The view is spectacular and the lake was peaceful.....
 every now and then a boat would appear and the children would all gather to yell, "Happy Thanksgiving" as it drove by.
 The boys enjoyed eating ribs and Colin even tried an oyster - ewww!  Then, it was time to say our goodbyes and tackle the drive back home.  
 Bright and early the next morning, the decorating began.....
 I honestly am not sure what these three were doing.....maybe fluffing the tree?
 Our annual Christmas tree farm adventure began in the afternoon.....
 while one girl was all about a pose here and a pose there....
 the other little one in our life just enjoyed traipsing through the trees.
 The boys found "the" tree and then posed for the annual tree hug photo....note, they are not in many pictures, as usual, due to the fact that when they see my lens, the RUNning begins!
 One of my favorite pics from the day, though it is a little blurry - kind of depicts our day to day life, mostly fun and happy yet a bit hairy at moments:)
 Everyone has grown, even Miss Frowny Maddox.  Colin has accomplished his goal to grow taller than's official, he is the second tallest member in our family.  
 Hide and Seek on the farm is our favorite pasttime.....
 hiding with daddy is typically the way to go!
 I love this pic....MK was hiding under a tree and giving me a thumbs up signal to tell me she was good to go!
 We ran, we laughed, we played and ate, we gathered our tree and the day was complete!
Oh, if only time could stand littles and my bigs are growing up WAY too fast!  So thankful for every minute we have with our family and even more thankful for the many memories we continue to create!