Friday, October 5, 2012

Boston - Day 3

Our third morning in Boston began with a tour of our old neighborhood.  The boys wanted to see where they used to live and we also did a drive by the hospital where P was born.  Pryce was just six weeks old when we moved from Boston to Florida so his memories are what we tell him.  The weather was less than stellar on this particular day, however, we managed to squeeze quite a bit into our tour.  
 Following our old home tour, we drove into the city to do a bit of the Freedom Trail.  Our main site to see on this day was the USS Constitution.  It did not disappoint.  
 The Freedom Trail is quite the expedition and one we may have spent more time on had the rain not persisted.  Yet, because of the rain and the slight chill in the air, we were drawn to indoor places such as.....
 Mike's Pastries.....yummmm.  Who knew we were supposed to get cannoli here?  There were so many options!
 After a day of walking, touring, reminiscing and eating yummy food, the boys could not help but ponder a dip in the pool.  
 At the end of the day, they both ended up in the pool despite the almost freezing temps!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boston Day 2

After a wonderful night of sleeping and a fabulous morning of sleeping in late, we all ventured out to Plymouth, MA.  Our intention was to see Plymouth Rock and then embark on a whale tour - Pryce's request.  First things first, we needed to purchase Dramamine for a hesitant Colin.
 After photographing the infamous rock and taking note of a rare car model, we headed over to the whale tour site only to be told that the waters were too rough and the tour was cancelled.  C breathed a sigh of relief while the rest of us shook off a bit of disappointment.  
 Plan B was installed.  With Plimouth Plantation just around the corner, we chose to tour the site and learn about our early settlers.  The four of us took a step back in time and tried to envision what life was like sleeping in a hut with 15 other people on animal skin and no hand sanitizer. 
 After stepping back in time, we decided to take a short drive over the Newport, Rhode Island.  The New England shoreline is one of my favorites and the famous Cliff Walk is never a disappointment.  Breathtaking.
 Day 2 was finished off with dinner including some of our best friends from a time long ago in our lives.  We joined them for dinner at our northern fav, Bertuccis.  Hard to believe it has been 10 years since we lived there yet we are so thankful for our early adventures that have led to friends for life and memories that will last forever.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boston - Day 1

Not sure if the title of this post should be Boston - Day 1 OR The Part Where I Needed A Break:)
 Either way, Ryan, the boys and I embarked on a journey back in time to Boston.  Boston is a favorite city of ours.  During our earlier years, we lived there for almost two years and, more importantly, it is the birthplace of Pryce.  If you ask MK, she will tell you that our trip to Boston was important because we were going to see "where we got Pryce."  
 Our flight was uneventful and upon landing, we headed straight over to do what the other tourists do - a Boston Duck tour.  It is the Freedom Trail on wheels and a bit of quacking is involved for added fun.
 Pryce steered us in the right direction and avoided all oncoming boats during his stint as Captain of the Duck.
 Following our Duck adventure, it was straight over to Fenway to enjoy the last game of the season for the Red Sox.  They are Pryce's favorite team and we were lucky enough to stumble upon some tickets.
 The Green Monstah, as it is appropriately pronounced in Boston lingo.  Our night at Fenway was a favorite of the trip for much history and the oldness made me feel as if I was really back in the day of Take Me Out To The Ballgame.
 The boys were all smiles too which was the icing on the cake for our first day in Boston.