Saturday, May 31, 2014

Seabrook 2014

For two weeks, our family called Seabrook Island home-sweet-home.  To say that we were not ready to leave would be an understatement and we were selfishly a bit thankful to see a cloud in the sky as we were packing the car - we did not see one cloud our entire two week stay and this made for some very happy Drafts' kiddos and their mommy!
We ventured out late one afternoon to see the Angel Oak tree.  It is a fabulous oak that shades several thousand square miles of its surroundings.  
We were in awe of its size and they ran from branch to branch taking in its ginormous limbs.
Admittedly so, most of our time was spent on the beach.  Maddox was thrilled when Ryan arrived on the scene with her very own "skateboard."  She road the waves with the best of them and squealed with delight each moment spent "skateboarding."
MK is all about the beach.  She loves to find shells, she is thrilled to catch minnows, writing in the sand is her favorite pasttime, boogie boarding, building castles, laying in the water as the waves crash on her....if it involves sand, surf, and sun or a combination of any of the above, count MK in!  My favorite MK quote of the week, "I just love the beach because it always provides so many opportunities to be happy!" 
We were so excited Ryan was able to join us for an extended weekend.  This was my favorite view all week - all four children and their daddy, all oblivious to time and happily playing on the beach.
My little Maddox I watched her play this week, I contemplated just how her life is going to change one day very soon.  Her role of being the youngest will be lost and honestly I worry how she will do in relinquishing her place.  She is beyond excited to meet her sister and speaks daily about all of the things she is going to teach Maryn.  As she slept on my shoulder each day on the beach, I prayed over her that she will guide and teach her baby sister in Christ's love....I prayed that jealously will be replaced with excitement in being the big sister and she will relish in her new role as big sister.  
C jumped on his skim board as though he had never given it a rest.  And, thankfully, he is still in one piece!  This kiddo is one laugh after another....he just speaks and I laugh.  So thankful for his funny personality!
And P.  He is always up for fun though I am pretty sure he was taking a little rest when this photo was snapped.  Between Waboba throwing, skim boarding, wave riding, castle building, etc., etc., he was due for a one-minute rest!  
The sunsets at Seabrook are remarkable.  With some Easter bunny treats in tow, we set out to watch the sun go to bed for the evening.  Breathtaking.
Midway through our vacation, our great friends came down to join us for a few days.  Our four could not have been more than thrilled to be surrounded by their favorite friends at Seabrook.  A special treat was seeing the three youngest, adopted 10 months ago, walk onto the beach for the first time ever.  Little Samuel, age 7, was so excited as he ran into the water and went problem, he took a sip of the water and he came running up to us clearing his mouth and saying, "Mom, mom, this water does not taste good!  I do not like this pool!"  
Charleston is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Seabrook.  The children and I journeyed out one day with virtually no plans at all for our adventure.  First up, a carriage ride with a history lesson to boot.  What a great way to spend a few hours in Charleston!
After we strolled through the Market, we took a little hike over to the waterfront park.  The children were quite taken with the many sailboats and a large cargo ship coming in from the sea.  
MK found a grass reed and decided to try her hand at weaving.  She was hoping to create a basket like those we saw at the Market.  
C is our budding photographer and I must say he has quite an eye for the good shots.  Hopefully I can share a few soon!
We ended our afternoon at this perfect spot, the very spot that Ryan asked me to marry him many, many years ago.  Though I tried to get this crew to let me photograph just ONE picture of them all smiling and all looking at the camera, THIS is what happened!  Oh well.  Next time we visit this fountain, we hope to have our Maryn home and then the perfect photo will be taken!