Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our sweet little Chapman continues to amaze us as she grows and reaches new milestones.  Physical therapy has done so much in getting her exactly where her peers are with jumping and running and climbing! 
 Chapman is full of joy 99% of the time and she has no hesitation is letting those around her know who is in charge.  Baby girl, woman power!
 Her thumb is still a major asset in her daily life.  And sometimes, when therapy is just getting to be too much, she pops that thumb in and lets the therapist do all of the work -  or so she thinks.
 Our big girls got a special day with mommy and daddy and Aunt Rebecca at a University of Georgia gymnastics meet.  
 It was great fun to see the event up close and to have a moment of fun on all of the training equipment!
 Maddox jumped up on the uneven bars without help and smiled big as she did a few of her tricks from her own gymnastics class!
 MK decided to brave the pit....
 she was hesitant but we are happy to report that she made it out without any help!
 Chapman got real quiet one day, for one moment, and I decided to investigate.  
 This little one had found the pretend coffee pot that her sisters had filled to the brim with water and she was enthralled in the sounds and fun this combo provided.  
 My parents shared this photo of their cabin in the NC mountains.  It is really the only taste of winter for us this year!  Georgia Winter 2017 proved to be a bust.
 Miss Blue Tongue
The joy of boys and sports...
I showed up to pick Pryce up from practice and this is what I was greeted with :/
A quick trip to an urgent care facility, a little bit of glue, and he is as good as new!
 And some more Chapman cuteness....she was going 90 miles a minute and then an hour later she was running a temp of 103???  So crazy.  Thankfully, her illness was short lived.

March 17, 2017

Gotcha Day #9
This girl.
Our adoption beginning.
Our eye opener.
Our world-changer. 
 Each and everyday, we give thanks for MK. It is so crazy to me that we began this journey with her in 2006 before we even knew her face.  We loved this baby girl and yearned for her to be a part of our family forever.  Over the years, we have learned so much about parenting little girls and just parenting in general.  This girl is so strong, her early past built her this way.  MK is smart and loves all things music and art and dance.  MK is sassy.  Yes, the spicy girl we met on Gotcha Day nine years ago remains spicy to this very day.  We love her little spice.  
 It is such a special treat to have our Mohr family with us.  They truly are a second-family to us!  We all piled into the civil affairs office nine years ago together to meet our forever girls.  Today, they live three streets over, a mere bike ride away.  Chloe and MK have never known life without each other.  They were together in the early days of life, surgery buddies, foster sisters and now they are growing up together.  
We gained a daughter one years ago on this special day and we also gained some amazing friends to do life with!  So very thankful.